Archive for October 9th, 2009

Anti-Drilling Organizer Predicts Environmental Holocaust

Pocono Record (Oct 9): Environmentalist: Firms drilling for natural gas would ‘destroy’ local state game lands A reporter with anti-drilling views (Jessica Cohen) interviews a local anti-drilling organizer (Pat Carullo) in Northeast Pennsylvania. In the process, you get an article shot full of lies. Mr. Carullo is upset over 2,500 acres owned by the Mushpaugh […]

Pennsylvania Budget Almost There – With No Drilling Tax

Philadelphia Inquirer (Oct 9): Pa. budget pieces start to fall into place With a state budget still not adopted, and now over 100 days late, Pennsylvania is finally about there. The good news for drillers…no severance tax this year: Also not in the package is a tax that some lawmakers had wanted to impose on […]


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