Archive for March 31st, 2010

Are the Shale Cuttings Being Dumped at the Chemung County Landfill Radioactive?

Part of the process of drilling a well includes disposing of the material that comes out of the well, including “cuttings” and mud—i.e., leftover dirt and rock. A “controversy” is brewing in Chemung County, NY where the county landfill is accepting cuttings from drillers over the border in the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale. The problem? Sometimes […]

Will Gov. Paterson’s Political Troubles Delay Drilling in New York State Until 2011?

Bloomberg, a left-leaning (anti-drilling) news organization published a story about the seemingly eternal question of “When will drilling begin in New York?” with reasoning that goes like this: (A) New York Gov. Paterson is more or less pro-drilling and wants to see it start soon. (B) Gov. Paterson has run into political troubles, “probes” of […]

Six Short-Line Railroads in Central PA Report Business is Up 40 Percent Because of Marcellus Drilling

MDN previously reported on two short-line railroads that have seen their prospects dramatically improve with Marcellus drilling activity in Pennsylvania—the Wellsboro & Corning Railroad and the Reading & Northern Railroad. You can now add six more short-lines to the list—all of them owned by the North Shore Railroad Company. A system of six railroads in […]


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