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Will Soil be the New “Water” in the Fight to Stop Marcellus Gas Drilling in NY State?

MDN finds it necessary to periodically post disclaimers such as the following: We think drilling can be done safely, but we must remain vigilant. The more we know about drilling, the more we are convinced it is a good thing for the economy and the nation’s energy future. We are not anti-science, we’re not blind, […]

Mesa Energy Gets NY DEC Approval to Convert Two Existing Medina Wells into Marcellus Wells

Mesa Energy has received a green light from the NY Department of Environmental Conservation to convert two vertical wells in Western New York from Medina gas to Marcellus gas. We also learn from the press release that the Marcellus Shale layer in the Java Field owned and operated by Mesa is about 200 feet thick […]

Mud Spill at Drilling Site in Central PA Due to Human Error

There was a mud spillage at a drilling site on Friday, April 2nd in Pennsylvania. The site is located on state-owned land—the Sproul State Forest in north-central Pennsylvania. The drilling was being done by Anadarko. According to reports: An estimated 8,000 to 12,000 gallons of mud used by Anadarko E&P Company Inc. for drilling operations […]

T. Boone Pickens Talks About the Marcellus, Natural Gas, and America’s Energy Future

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently interviewed T. Boone Pickens, the famous Texas oil billionaire and now “energy evangelist,” out to help chart a new course for energy in America. One of the main points in his Picken’s Plan is to use natural gas as a transition fuel to replace the country’s dependence on foreign oil. Mr. […]

Video Interview with John Sherman, CEO of Inergy, About Infrastructure in the Marcellus Shale reporter Debra Borchardt interviews John Sherman, CEO of Inergy, a company that, among other things, provides transportation and distribution of natural gas. They are the nation’s fourth largest propane distributor, and they “have their eye” on the Marcellus Shale, with plans for major investments in the Northeast to meet demand in the Marcellus region. […]


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