Archive for May 11th, 2010

Will PA Landowners Pay Higher Property Taxes When Drilling Begins? Maybe

Landowners in Pennsylvania have gotten property tax relief in recent years from a PA law known as “Clean and Green.” If landowners keep their property use as agricultural, open space or forest-land, they are taxed at a lower rate (for those uses) rather than the higher fair market value the land might bring for other […]

Susquehanna River Basin Commission Establishes Marcellus Shale Field Office in Northeast PA

To it’s credit, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) has established a field office in Northeastern PA specifically to monitor compliance with Marcellus drillers in the Susquehanna River watershed. Too bad the Delaware River Basin Commission is not as industrious and sensitive to landowners’ rights as the SRBC (no drilling allowed in the Delaware River […]

The Two (Drilling) Faces of PA Gov. Ed Rendell

Is Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell pro- or anti-drilling? Darned if I can tell. In some ways he has encouraged and allowed drilling to flourish in PA under his watch, something PA landowners should be thankful for. But it seems he has to keep some in his own party appeased, so he often talks down drilling. […]


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