Archive for February 28th, 2011

New York Times Publishes Hit Piece on Natural Gas Drilling, Quoted Source Responds to the Article

Have no fear, the great New York Times is now on the case of natural gas drilling, and it has “uncovered” some rather disturbing news: With hydrofracking, a well can produce over a million gallons of wastewater that is often laced with highly corrosive salts, carcinogens like benzene and radioactive elements like radium, all of […]

Subjecting Wind Power to the Same Scrutiny as Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing

Opponents of drilling for natural gas usually key in on the process of hydraulic fracturing, claiming that it pollutes groundwater supplies. “Clean water!” becomes the rallying cry—and who is not for clean water? The Environmental Protection Agency has joined the chorus by ordering a “cradle to grave” study of hydraulic fracturing that will begin this […]

7 Percent of Allegheny County (PA) Now Under Lease for Natural Gas Drilling, But Permits Indicate Little Drilling

In an article on the developing situation of whether and where to allow Marcellus Shale drilling in Allegheny County, PA, we get this update of how much land has been leased, and the likelihood of whether or not drilling will commence in the county:


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