Archive for March 22nd, 2011

Maryland Governor Makes Surprise Visit to Allegany County, Shows Interest in Marcellus Drilling Using Alternative Method

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley surprised Allegany County commissioners Sunday evening when he showed up at a meeting to discuss Marcellus Shale drilling in Maryland.

Major Water Withdrawal for Gas Drilling from the Moundsville, WV Reservoir Concerns Local Officials

City officials in Moundsville (Marshall County), WV had a scare recently, and with good cause.

Dunkard Creek Fish Kill Mystery Solved – And it Had Nothing to Do with Marcellus Drilling

There was a lot of speculation in 2009 about a fish kill over a 30-mile stretch of Dunkard Creek in West Virginia. We now know that the cause was leakage from coal mines. But early on, wild theories were being spun. Our favorite was that the algae killing the fish, which grows only in salty […]


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