Archive for March 28th, 2011

Encana Abandons Two Non-Producing Marcellus Gas Wells in Luzerne County, PA

Not every property that’s leased gets drilled on. But “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say, is that not every Marcellus Shale well that is drilled actually produces. If a company decides to drill, landowners are excited, with good reason. But best to temper that excitement with the statistic that a […]

Township in Western PA Offered $4500 per Acre for Marcellus Drilling Lease

Winfield Township supervisors are mulling over an offer from BLX-Redmill Gas to lease a park in Butler County, PA for Marcellus drilling. But it’s a complicated offer involving re-selling the drilling rights by packaging them with other properties in the area, and also selling the rights to install pipelines to a third party.

Road Damage from Marcellus Drilling Activity in Marshall County, WV

In parts of Marshall County, WV, the roads are in bad condition due to the heavy truck traffic from Marcellus drilling activity in the area.

Shale Gas Keeps Heating Prices Low for Homeowners

Is it time for homeowners to switch from heating with oil to heating with natural gas? More and more are doing just that.


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