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Drilling in the Utica Shale in PA – Ranges Says Yes, Williams Says No

The Marcellus Shale layer is about a mile down, depending on where you are. Lately, there’s been talk about tapping into the Utica Shale, which sits below the Marcellus, at about two miles down. A recent permit granted to Williams Production Appalachia to drill its exploratory well deeper on Route 487 in Sugarloaf Township, Columbia […]

PA DEP Sec. Michael Krancer Responds to Critics, The Gloves Come Off

Now that Michael Krancer has received official confirmation from the Pennsylvania Senate to be the Secretary of PA’s Department of Environmental Protection, he is talking freely with the press and he has plenty to say. Krancer said the following about his recent “voluntary request” to drillers to stop sending fracking fluid to municipal treatment plants […]

Marcellus Shale Coalition’s Kathryn Klaber Talks about NY Moratorium and Other Issues

Kathryn Klaber, the president and executive director of the Marcellus Shale Coalition based in Canonsburg, PA, is perhaps the most visible face of the pro-drilling movement in the Marcellus Shale. The Coalition she represents has as its members most of the energy companies who actively drill in the Marcellus. Ms. Klaber is articulate and smart, […]

Increase in Marcellus Shale Drilling in Centre County, PA – Volunteers Keep an Eye on Local Streams

A volunteer water monitoring project in Centre County, PA began in 2010 with the aim to produce a baseline for the health of local streams and waterways in the county. The volunteers keep an eye on the streams because of the upswing in Marcellus Shale drilling activity in the county. If there should be accidents, […]


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