Archive for May 11th, 2011

Former PA DEP Officials, Industry Group Point Out Problems with Duke University Study Linking Methane in Water with Fracking

More questions cast doubt on the Duke study which claims to prove there is a link between gas drilling and high concentrations of methane in nearby well water, including from someone quoted in the Duke study itself:

Ohio’s First Marcellus Shale Wastewater Treatment Plant Now Open for Business

The first Marcellus Shale wastewater treatment plant in Ohio (Trumbull County) is now open for business, with more on the way:

Two Environmental Groups Propose List of Changes to PA Oil & Gas Act to Tighten Controls on Marcellus Drilling

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) provided a detailed prescription of amendments they say “must be made” to the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Act so that state law can effectively regulate and manage deep shale and unconventional drilling techniques that were never contemplated when the law was enacted. Called the […]


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