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NY Draft Marcellus Drilling Regulations Won’t Be Ready by July 1st Deadline

In the unforgettable words of Gomer Pyle: Surprise, surprise, surprise! Actually, this one was not so hard to predict. The New York State Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Joe Martens, is signaling that the new draft regulations for Marcellus Shale drilling won’t be ready by Gov. Cuomo’s deadline of this Friday, July […]

New York Politicians Seek to Make Political Hay from NYT Articles on Natural Gas Reserves Estimates

Predictably, now that the New York Times has delivered a journalistic drive-by hit piece claiming that energy companies are using false data and accounting trickery to overstate shale gas reserves, NYT sycophant leftist politicians in New York State are making political hay from it. For opportunistic politicians, it’s all about the seriousness of the allegation, […]

Chief Oil & Gas Pays $180K Fine for Spilling Oil and Overfilling a Wastewater Pit

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection assessed a $180,000 fine against Chief Oil & Gas after Chief failed to report the spillage of “a small number of gallons” of oil at a drill site, and because they came close to overflowing a fracking wastewater pit, back in June 2010.

Pennsylvania Environmental Council Publishes New “Green Lease” Guide

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council, an anti-drilling organization, has published a Marcellus Shale Lease Guide that identifies potential environmental issues that landowners may want to consider when leasing. Of course, inserting all sorts of restrictions and requirements in a contract may mean the drilling company won’t sign it, so a balance must be achieved. Still, there […]

New Waterford, OH Considering Sale of Village Water to Marcellus Shale Driller

Officials for the Village of New Waterford, Ohio (Columbiana County) are considering a proposal to supply water from a village well to an unnamed company for drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

Township in NY Finger Lakes Region Votes to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing for One Year

The town of Barrington, NY (Yates County), in New York’s Finger Lakes region, has voted to approve a temporary moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the township for a one year period to give it time to develop new zoning laws to deal with possible Marcellus Shale drilling, should the New York State moratorium be lifted.


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