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New Penn State Study: Marcellus Shale Drilling Created $11.2 Billion in Economic Activity & Supported 140K Jobs in PA in 2010

A new report titled “The Pennsylvania Marcellus Natural Gas Industry: Status, Economic Impact, and Future Potential” was released yesterday by three Penn State University researchers. The report is the third in a series of economic forecasts from the same researchers and outlines the astonishing impact Marcellus Shale drilling has had and continues to have in […]

Helpful Guide for Marcellus Landowners on Seismic Testing for Natural Gas

Seismic testing to create a map of underground geology almost always precedes gas drilling. Seismic testing has been, and continues to be, very active in Centre County, PA, appropriately named being located smack in the middle of the state. Seismic testing usually involves large trucks thumping the ground to produce vibrations picked up by computers […]

Marcellus Drilling in Central PA Slowing Down in 2011

The Centre County (PA) Natural Gas Task Force says that drilling for Marcellus gas in the county has slowed down this year, with only about a quarter of the number of new wells being drilled this year vs. last year. Why? According to the task force, the reasons for the slowdown are low gas prices […]

Should Broome County, NY Retain Mineral Rights (Including Gas Rights) on Properties Seized for Back Taxes?

In 2008, Broome County, NY starting retaining the mineral rights of properties it had seized for unpaid taxes and later resold. The policy was implemented before the Marcellus Shale was even thought of in the county. Broome County sits just across the border from Susquehanna County, PA and is squarely in the middle of what […]

Endeavour International Buys Lease for Additional 50K Marcellus Acres & Local Pipeline in PA from SM Energy

Endeavour International, an independent energy company, has just picked up an additional 50,000 net acres in the Marcellus Shale along with three producing wells and a pipeline, all located in McKean and Potter counties in Pennsylvania, in a deal with SM Energy. From the Endeavour press release:


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