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Thorny Issue: Dominion Files Request to Export Shale Gas

One of the strongest arguments in favor of drilling for Marcellus and other shale gas in the U.S. is that it provides a cheap alternative fuel for Americans—a “home grown” energy source that benefits everyone. It’s a simple and undeniable fact: Cheap energy translates into economic prosperity for all citizens. Cheap energy makes it easier […]

Range Sending Natural Gas Liquids to Canadian Cracker Plant

Range Resources is not waiting for a new multi-billion dollar cracker plant to be built in the Marcellus region to process the natural gas liquids they’re producing in the region. Instead, Range is going to send its natural gas liquids to Canada for cracking. Natural gas liquids contain ethane which can be processed or “cracked” […]

PA DEP Sec. Krancer Addresses Shale Gas Meeting in Philly

Some 1,600 people attended the Shale Gas Insight 2011 conference held Wednesday and Thursday in Philadelphia. At yesterday’s second and final day of the conference, State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Michael Krancer spoke in place of Gov. Tom Corbett at a lunchtime keynote because the governor was responding to the widespread flooding crisis. […]

New Marcellus Pipeline Regulations Coming to PA This Fall

New regulations for the many gathering pipelines in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale drilling regions will be a top priority this fall according to Republican legislators. It’s not clear under existing PA law which government agency has jurisdiction and responsibility for inspecting intrastate pipelines—and that “who’s on first” problem has led to safety lapses, including explosions.


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