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NY Landowners Face New Threat: Floodplain Boundaries

As many of you have heard via the national media, the Binghamton, NY (Broome County) area—where much of the drilling in New York State is likely to occur once drilling begins—was just hit with the worst flooding in its history, after the previous “worst ever” flooding occurred only five years ago, in 2006. This type […]

Canadians Establish New “Guiding Principles” for Fracking

Canadian natural gas producers recently announced new guiding principles (embedded below) for hydraulic fracturing that guide water management and improved water and fluids reporting practices for shale gas development in Canada. The principles were created by members of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and apply to all CAPP natural gas producing members, large […]

Two More Gathering Pipelines Seek PA Public Utility Status

Even though Laser Northeast Gathering has withdrawn its application to become a public utility with the power of eminent domain as MDN reported yesterday, two other pipeline companies with applications before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission continue to move forward. Peregrine Keystone Gas Pipeline plans to construct a gathering line in Greene, Fayette and Washington […]

U.S. Will Export Marcellus Natural Gas to Canada by 2020

The TransCanada Canadian Mainline is an 8,762 mile natural gas pipeline that spans Canada from the Alberta/Saskatchewan border east to the Québec/Vermont border, along the way connecting with other natural gas pipelines in Canada and the U.S. With respect to the U.S., the gas today flows one way: from Canada to the U.S. But NGI […]


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