Chesapeake Withdraws $25K Grant from Morgantown, WV

Yet another gas driller has decided to vote with its pocketbook against a community that insists on banning shale gas drilling.

Chesapeake Energy has decided to withdraw the $25,000 contribution it made to the Morgantown Farmers Market.

Main Street Morgantown says the company withdrew its gift because of the city of Morgantown’s ban on Marcellus shale drilling. In a news release, Chesapeake says “we focus our philanthropy where natural gas production is supported by the community and its leaders,” and that “it dedicates our company’s resources where our industry is supported.”*

*WBOY/Channel 12 (Sep 1, 2011) – Chesapeake Energy Withdraws Morgantown Donation

  • Boo to Chesapeake.  The pavilion would benefit a multitude of farmers who are based outside the city – some of whom already have marcellus drilling on their land.

  • Anonymous

    You can thank the ignorant residents and the city council of Morgantown for the voting of the ban.  You have a group of people, that are less than marginally educated about the Marcellus shale unit, making ill-informed decisions.  As for the farmers, they should start a new farmer’s market right outside of the city limits of Morgantown, that way they won’t be affected by Morgantown’s ignorance, they can continue to prosper within the area and it prove to the city of Morgantown that they made an ignorant decision by dampering other revenues within the city.  Perhaps you should “boo” the city council of Morgantown and not an energy company for the withdrawl of the grant money.