2012-01-26 The GAS TRUTH about Fracking – Harrisburg, PA

January 26, 2012 (Thu) 6:30 pm
Midtown Scholar Bookstore
1302 N Third St, Harrisburg, PA 17101

GAS TRUTH of Central PA is sponsoring the GAS TRUTH EDUCATIONAL SERIES so that you can learn what you need to know about Shale Gas drilling in Pennsylvania. In South Central PA we do not have Marcellus Shale drilling but the Oil & Gas Industry is affecting our water, land, and the honesty of our politics.

On Thursday, January 26th we will bring TRACY CARLUCCIO from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network to you so that you can get your questions answered.

Tracy Carluccio has led the campaign that has successfully kept Fracking out of the Delaware River Watershed. Working with the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and other groups up and down the watershed, Carluccio has gotten hundreds and hundreds of citizens to contact the Delaware River Basin Commission about our misgivings about Fracking the Delaware.

Last November 21st, over 1000 people Rallied in Trenton, New Jersey to tell the Delaware River Basin Commission to not Frack the Delaware. Our speaker, TRACY CARLUCCIO, was the key organizer of that Rally.

Carluccio has decades of experience in fighting for CLEAN WATER and has fought effectively for the Delaware River. Tracy has a lot to say about how the effort to STOP THE DRILLING should be fought.

The GAS TRUTH EDUCATIONAL SERIES is sponsored by GAS TRUTH of Central PA along with Clean Water Action/PA.

There will be a business meeting for GAS TRUTH of Central PA at 8 PM following the Carluccio Lecture/Discussion.

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