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MDN Weekly Update – Apr 1, 2012: Waterless Fracking

This past week brought a surprise announcement from “stalled at the gate” New York State. A group of landowners in Tioga County, NY (which sits between Binghamton and Elmira, in what is called the Southern Tier region of New York) are signing a lease with eCorp to allow Marcellus drilling using a waterless fracking technology […]

MDN Weekly Update – Mar 25, 2012: Inflated Reserve Estimates

The most read story on MDN over the past seven days was about estimates of how much natural gas the Marcellus contains—and for good reason. Last year the New York Times started a riff about how evil natural gas is. One of themes from the Times has been that the amount of shale gas in […]

MDN Weekly Update – Mar 18, 2012: Shell Cracker, Dimock Water

It certainly has been an eventful week. Two stories loomed large. The first was Shell’s announcement on Thursday that they have signed a letter of intent with Horsehead Corporation for a zinc processing plant location in Monaca, PA (Beaver County) as the location where they intend to build a multi-billion dollar ethane cracker plant (see […]

MDN Weekly Update – Mar 11, 2012: Taxed to Death

This past week brought the news that Ohio Gov. John Kasich will this week unveil a plan to assess a new tax on shale gas drilling (see this MDN story). Unlike Pennsylvania’s recently passed tax (oops, impact fee) where 60 percent stays in the local community to offset the effects of where drilling actually happens […]

MDN Weekly Update – Mar 4, 2012: Shale Gas Jobs

The past few weeks there have been a lot of stories about, and interest in, shale industry jobs. When I compile the “top five most viewed stories” for the past week and the past month, I leave out of the list hits on non-article pages, like the Landowner’s directory, which usually receives as many or […]

MDN Weekly Update – Feb 19, 2012: MDN Predicts Where Cracker Plant Will be Built

This week MDN asks a question about you, our valued reader. Do you live in the Marcellus or Utica Shale region? If so, is your land leased for drilling? Not leased? Or does the question not apply to you—either you don’t own land, or you don’t own enough to be worthwhile for drilling, or maybe […]

MDN Weekly Update – Feb 12, 2012: Shell’s Cracker Plant

This week MDN asks the poll question, “Where will Shell build its new cracker plant?” MDN reported some three weeks ago that the timing for Shell’s announcement had changed from January to February (see this MDN story). Unless the timeline changes again, which is not beyond the realm of possibility, we should find out very […]

MDN Weekly Update – Feb 5, 2012: Josh Fox – Truth-teller or Propagandist?

Last week’s MDN poll asked whether or not you believe that President Obama is now genuinely a supporter of hydraulic fracturing and shale gas drilling. Seems there are quite a few skeptics in the MDN audience. Here are the results: Concerning President Obama’s statements supporting fracking & shale gas drilling, is he: Genuine/Now in Favor […]

MDN Weekly Update – Jan 29, 2012: Are You Serious Mr. President?

Last week’s MDN poll asked about the hot button question of whether or not you think the EPA should have a role in investigating water contamination in Dimock, PA. Although our weekly MDN polls often get criticized by anti-drillers, the MDN audience does not always think the way editor Jim Willis does! This week’s poll […]

MDN Weekly Update – Jan 22, 2012: Should the EPA Butt Out of Dimock?

Last week’s MDN poll asked when you believe shale gas drilling will begin in New York State. An interesting result, with 65% who believe it will begin either this year or next year, but 35% who believe it will never happen.  When do you think Marcellus Shale drilling in New York State will begin? 2012 […]

MDN Weekly Update – Jan 15, 2012: Drilling in NY?

Last week’s MDN poll asked if it’s now time to force the issue with New York’s DEC by suing the state to force them to release drilling regulations and allow fracking to begin. A surprising number of MDN readers think it is time to sue.  Is it time for NY landowners & drilling supporters to […]

MDN Weekly Update – Jan 8, 2012: Time to Sue in NY?

The most recent MDN poll has been active since Dec. 18th. We wanted to know more about the current audience who visits and reads MDN—thank you for voting! Here’s what we found out about the main purpose for your visits to MDN:  Which term best describes you and your *primary* reason for visiting MDN? Landowner […]

MDN Weekly Update: 2011 in Review, Looking Ahead to 2012

Thank you Marcellus Drilling News readers for making MDN your source for news and information about drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shales in 2011. And welcome to 2012! Last year was quite a ride for MDN, going from occasional posts of new stories prior to January, to daily postings Monday through Friday starting in […]

MDN Weekly Update – Dec 18, 2011: Who are you?

Last week’s poll took the pulse of MDN readers to find out whether or not they think all high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing should be banned. It was our second-highest number of votes for any poll, showing a real interest in the topic. The results are in, and by an overwhelming majority, MDN readers to not […]

MDN Weekly Update – Dec 11, 2011: Ban Fracking?

MDN wanted to see what your attitudes are about government’s role in promoting (or not) renewable energy sources. A even split between those who think government should have no role, and those who believe the government should promote, but not require, use of renewable sources. This poll was one of the least voted on in […]

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