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WV Driller Northeast Natural Energy Gets $300M Investment

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2 Rigs Reactivated – One in WV, the Other in OH

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Morgantown Marcellus Wells Coming Online

MDN chronicled the battle earlier this year between Northeast Natural Energy and the city of Morgantown, WV over Northeast’s plan to drill two Marcellus Shale gas wells near the city. In short, the Morgantown City Council tried to ban drilling both inside and outside city limits—up to one mile outside—which would have prevented Northeast from […]

Morgantown Gas Wells Fracked, No Air Pollution

MDN has chronicled the attempt by Morgantown, WV to ban drilling up to one mile outside of the city line—a saga that spanned many months. In the end, a judge struck down the ban and two wells were drilled and fracked. The main concern was that fracking might somehow contaminate the city’s water supply, which […]

Morgantown, WV Update: Fracking to Begin Next Week

It seems the opposition to two Marcellus Shale gas wells being drilled outside Morgantown’s borders is petering out. Press accounts talk of “a handful” of area residents protesting outside of the drill sites this week—meaning less than a dozen, perhaps a single family, who knows?

Morgantown Official Backpedals After Drilling Ban Overturned

It’s always interesting to watch politicians operate after a humiliating defeat. Politicians’ DNA does not allow them to simply look inward and recognize their own errors. They always look outward and blame others, or in some cases, declare the defeat was a good thing and accomplished just what they wanted all along! I refer to […]

Judge Overturns Morgantown, WV Fracking Ban

For some time now, MDN has covered the hydraulic fracturing ban passed by the city of Morgantown, West Virginia (see list of articles here). In a surprise move last Friday, the Monongalia County (WV) Circuit Court Judge Susan Tucker overturned Morgantown’s fracking ban, clearing the way for Northeast Energy to continue drilling and fracking operations […]

Northeast Continues Drilling in Morgantown Despite Ban

The ongoing battle between Morgantown, WV and Northeast Natural Energy over two proposed gas wells located close to Morgantown continues, and gets interesting. Northeast had been working with Morgantown to address concerns that the two wells they propose to drill are close to the water intake for the city. Northeast believed everything was fine until […]

Drilling Company Sues Morgantown, WV for $42 Million in Lost Investment & Lost Future Revenue

Another chapter in the ongoing saga of Morgantown, WV. For those who have not followed the story, Morgantown city council members took it upon themselves to ban hydraulic fracturing outside of the city limits—up to one mile—which they say is allowable under a West Virginia law that grants cities the right to exceed their boundaries […]

Driller Sues Morgantown, WV Over Fracking Ban, Monongalia County Considers Suing the City Too

As MDN previously observed and predicted, the city of Morgantown, WV is now in court over the vote by city council members to ban Marcellus drilling both inside and outside of its borders—up to one mile outside.

Update on Morgantown, WV Ban on Fracking Outside its Borders: You’re About to Get Sued

Morgantown, WV is about to get sued for banning hydraulic fracturing outside of its borders. As MDN previously reported (see here), the Morgantown City Council voted on June 21 to ban hydraulic fracturing within its borders and up to one mile outside of its borders. The decision has shut down an active operation for two […]

Morgantown, WV Bans Marcellus Drilling Outside City Limits – Driller May Sue to Recoup Investment

After a few months of heated debate, the Morgantown (WV) City Council has voted to prohibit Marcellus Shale drilling not only within their borders, but also up to a mile outside of their borders. How can they do that? There is a provision in West Virginia state code that allows cities to extend their authority […]

Two New Marcellus Shale Gas Wells to be Drilled Close to Morgantown, WV

Northeast Natural Energy is set to drill two new Marcellus Shale gas wells just across the river from Morgantown, WV:

Nytis Exploration Sells Lease for 11,657 Acres in the PA Marcellus to Northeast Natural Energy

From a press release* dated March 11: Northeast Natural Energy LLC (“NNE”) announced today that it has closed the acquisition of 11,657 net acres in the core of the Marcellus Shale and associated shallow conventional oil and gas wells from Nytis Exploration Company LLC and from Nytis Exploration of Pennsylvania LLC (“Nytis”), both private exploration […]


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