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Do PA Drillers have Law on Their Side in Royalty Debate?

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Breaking News: PA Supreme Court Rules Against Landowner Seeking to Invalidate Lease

Last year, Susquehanna County landowner Herbert Kilmer sued ElexCo Land Services Inc. and Southwestern Energy Production to invalidate his lease. The reason? He said that by deducting drilling costs from his royalty payments, his payments fell below Pennsylvania’s law that a minimum one-eighth share of royalties are guaranteed to the landowner. A Susquehanna County judge […]

Landowners Beware of Post-Production Expenses Deducted from Your Royalty Checks

An informative article with a lot of background on the issue of gas royalty payments and the practice of deducting post-production expenses from those payments is published in today’s The State Journal. The article covers in detail the case of Tawney v. Columbia Natural Resources that was settled by the West Virginia Supreme Court in […]


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