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Coming GE-Baker Hughes Merger – World’s First “Full-Stream” Co.

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Guest Post: A Possible Solution for the PA Royalty Issue

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Explaining the Rift Between Saudi Arabia & Iran; Impact on Oil

You may have noticed a flare-up of tensions in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The “crisis” as it’s being called by news organizations like CNN has quickly escalated with other Arab countries taking sides–most of them siding with Saudi Arabia. The flare-up initially caused an uptick in the price of oil based […]

Is PA Gov Wolf Targeting the Marcellus Industry for Extinction?

Is Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf actually *trying* to kill the Marcellus Shale industry? It’s not our question, but a serious question being asked by Dan Markind, a lawyer and partner with Weir & Partners in Philadelphia. In today’s guest post, Dan recounts Wolf’s actions during his first ten months in office and asks a serious […]

What Have We Learned from EPA’s Gold King Mine Disaster?

On January 9, 2014, a Freedom Industries facility next to the Elk River leaked ~10,000 gallons of crude 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) used in coal mining into the river, which is a tributary to the Kanawha River that runs through Charleston, WV. The results of that leak were dramatic. Some 300,000 residents from nine counties in the […]

Ohio and 15 Other States Ask EPA to Delay Clean Power Plan

MDN is pleased to add another occasional voice to Marcellus Drilling News. Stephen Heins is an energy and regulatory consultant for a Wall Street firm, and the former vice president of communication for Orion Energy Systems. Steve has penned an article (below) pointing out five critical problems with the recently announced EPA Clean Power Plan. […]

The Rotten Core of Obama’s Clean Power Plan: Global Warming Myth

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Guest Post: The Political Disaster that is Gov. Wolf’s PA Severance Tax Proposal

MDN friend Charlie Schliebs, managing director of Stone Pier Capital Advisors in Pittsburgh, sent along a copy of his firm’s latest newsletter yesterday. In it, Charlie has penned a superb article about the PA Gov. Tom Wolf administration’s current disaster with respect to the state budget (and Wolf’s demand for a high severance tax). As […]

Opposing Viewpoint on Gulfport Water Lawsuit Against Barnesville

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Guest Post: The Self Delusion of Anti-Pipeliners in New England

Yesterday MDN ran a story from NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index that delves into the motivation behind the intense opposition to pipeline projects in the northeast (see Why Such Intense Opposition to Pipelines in the Northeast?). Rick Groll, a geologist and industrial seismologist living and working in the Boston area, has some of his own […]

Guest Viewpoint: Best to Lease ALL Rock Layers at One Time

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Guest Article: Decline Curves Demystified – Chris Acker

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Guest Viewpoint – Solar Guy Knocks Chesapeake Energy

Last week MDN was contacted by Robert Magyar, Managing Director at Navitus Strategies, to offer a guest viewpoint to run on MDN. We occasionally post guest articles and agreed to post Bob’s article (below). His article takes a look at Chesapeake Energy and offers the view that although Chesapeake has laid off more than a […]

Guest Post: Pennsylvania Drilling Moratorium – Good or Bad?

Before Pennsylvanians head to the polls in November to elect a new governor and new legislators, they may want to consider the consequences of installing Democrats to re-assume power in the state. Specifically, Democrats have vowed to slap an ongoing moratorium–essentially a ban–on Marcellus Shale drilling should they regain control. MDN has been one of […]

NY’s Albany Anti-Frack Protest – Made Possible by Natural Gas

Not only are the crazies marching in Maryland (see today’s story Maryland Anti-Fracking “Madness” Continues – Crazies on the March), they’re also about to descend on Albany, NY. MDN friend and occasional guest blogger Vic Furman, a retired IBMer and one of the leaders of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, provided the article […]

Marcellus in Perspective – 5th Largest Natgas Producing “Country”

Last week MDN told you about the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s finding that Marcellus Shale production had passed 12 billion cubic per day (Bcf/d), a full two years ahead of predictions made by Penn State’s Terry Engelder (see New EIA Drilling Productivity Report: Marcellus Passes 12 Bcf/d!). MDN friend and prolific story idea/link contributor Chris […]

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