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South Maine Millennium Coalition

Area covered: Town of Maine in Broome County, NY Membership: 150+ landowners, 3,500 acres (lease signed) Contact: Bob Mnahoncak, [email protected]

The Friendsville Group

Area covered: Bradford & Susquehanna counties, PA; Broome County, NY Membership: 900+ landowners, 35,000+ acres (lease signed, not accepting new members) Contact: Christy Everitt, 607-786-2482, [email protected] Web:

North Sanford Landowners Association

Area covered: Broome, Chenango and Delaware counties in NY Contact: Gwyn Comstock, 607-467-3081, [email protected]

Windsor & Colesville Oil & Gas Lease Coalition

Area covered: Towns of Windsor and Colesville, with some property from adjoining towns Membership: About 700 members with 38,000 acres Contact: Jim Worden, 607-760-9459, [email protected] Web:

Western Barker Landowner Coalition

Area covered: Western Town of Barker Membership: 6,500 acres Contact: Dave Dibble, 607-692-7106, [email protected] Contact: Dale Roe, 607-692-4307, [email protected] Web:

Vestal Gas Coalition

Area covered: Town of Vestal, NY Membership: 600 landowners, 12,000 acres Contact: Robert Poloncic, 607-723-8880, [email protected] Contact: Steve Howland, 607-757-0064, [email protected] Web:

Union Center West Corners Coalition

Area covered: Union Center and West Corners (near Endicott) in Broome County, NY Membership: 75+ landowners, 3,000+ acres (11,000 feet & 375 acres directly on the A5 & Millennium pipelines) Contact: Barbara Stanko, 607-785-0368, [email protected]

Triangle Area Landowners Coalition

Area covered: Town of Triangle, Northern Broome County Contact: Eddie Maslin, 607-692-4228, [email protected] Web:

Sapbush Road Group

Area covered: Northern Broome County (Town of Barker) and southern Chenango County (5 miles from Millennium Pipeline) Membership: 105 people, 7,000 acres Contact: Vic Furman, 607-656-5845,[email protected]

Sanford Gas Coalition

Area covered: Town of Sanford, Broome County, NY Membership: 7,000+ acres Contact: Dana, 607-222-0005, [email protected] Contact: Gary, [email protected] Web:

Northeastern Broome Landowners Association

Area covered: Eastern Town of Barker, southern Town of Triangle Membership: About 150 people and 5,000 acres Contact: Ed Griffith, 607-648-9059 (daytime), [email protected] Web:

Nanticoke Gas Coaltion

Area covered: In NY: Town of Nanticoke extending into the town of Maine in Broome County. Also includes eastern parts of the towns of Berkshire and Newark Valley in Tioga County. Membership: 7,100 acres Contact: Mark Sorochinsky, 607-222-0739, [email protected] Contact: Carrie Czebiniak, 607-862-3873, [email protected] Contact: Don & Brenda Boyce, 607-862-0051, [email protected] Web:

Mountain Valley Group

Area covered: SE Vestal and Town of Binghamton Membership: Not disclosed Contact: Tony Gawlinski, 570-663-2653, [email protected]

Maine NY Gas Coalition

Area covered: Parts of Maine, NY Membership: About 200 members with 6,000 acres Contact: Steve Szczepanski, 607-766-9068, [email protected] Contact: John Meyers, 607-748-2256, [email protected] Web:

Town of Lisle

Area covered: Town of Lisle area Contact: Ron Keibel, 607-692-4461, [email protected]

Kirkwood Gas Coalition

Area covered: Kirkwood and some bordering properties Membership: 300+ people with 11,500+ acres Contact: Marchie Diffindorf, 607-775-3128, [email protected] Web:

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