British Global Warming Policy Foundation Publishes New Report Supporting Shale Gas Drilling

Our friends across the pond, the Brits, recognize the importance of shale gas. Science writer Matt Ridley has written a new report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) called The Shale Gas Shock. The report, released on May 4, provides an even-handed analysis of the benefits and potential problems with shale gas and comes down on the side that shale gas’ pluses outweigh its minuses.

Below is a description of the report from the GWPF’s website, along with a link to download the 36-page report for free.

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Ohio Manufacturer Investing More Than a Half Billion Dollars on New Plant to Produce Marcellus Shale Pipelines

One of the issues facing energy companies who want to drill in the Marcellus Shale is how to get gas from the well to a processing facility, and from there to an interstate gas pipeline so it can make its way to market. Getting the gas from here to there requires pipelines. Without pipeline infrastructure, nothing happens.

One of the companies manufacturing pipelines for the Marcellus is V&M Star, based in Youngstown, Ohio. V&M Star, a subsidiary of France-based Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes, is in the midst of a major expansion, building a new plant which will allow it to manufacture more pipelines for the Marcellus Shale.

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