Shale Gas Industry, US Government Responds to NYT Articles Questioning Shale Gas Reserves

The industry publication Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) issued a press release yesterday summarizing the mounting opposition to the recent hit pieces published by the New York Times on the shale gas industry. The press release is an effort to get subscribers for NGI’s publications. Hey, MDN appreciates their efforts! However, the quotes in the piece from across the spectrum are an excellent roundup illustrating the truly misguided effort by the NYT to smear the shale gas industry. So MDN is running the NGI press release in full below.

In an article full of great quotes, here is MDN’s favorite: “Professional journalists are wondering why a newspaper industry leader would damage its credibility by substituting advocacy for accuracy, in what can only be described as a travesty of journalistic principles.”

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Shell PR Offensive: Full Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals, Groundwater Monitoring, 100 Percent Wastewater Recycling

Royal Dutch Shell, one of the largest energy companies in the world, is going on a public relations offensive with respect to its shale gas operations in the U.S. In a master PR move, Shell used the uber-liberal Aspen (CO) Ideas Festival to unveil its Global Onshore Tight/Shale Oil and Gas Operating Principles. Among the things Shell announced is support for full disclosure of fracking chemicals, monitoring of groundwater and a reduction of the water used in fracking. They also stated they recycle “almost 100%” of fracking wastewater in their operations.

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NJ Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing Statewide – Will Gov. Christie Sign It?

The New Jersey state legislature, in what many considered to be a symbolic political gesture, voted yesterday to ban all hydraulic fracturing in the state. NJ Gov. Chris Christie has publicly stated support for natural gas energy, but he has not said whether or not he will sign the fracking ban into law. If he does, it would be the first statewide ban of hydraulic fracturing in the nation.

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