UT Study: No Link Between Fracking & Groundwater Contamination

broken chainIn November of last year, the Energy Institute at the University of Texas (UT) announced preliminary findings that hydraulic fracturing does not contaminate groundwater (see this MDN story). The final version of the study has now been released (see a full copy of the report embedded below).

The study is titled “Fact-Based Regulation for Environmental Protection in Shale Gas Development” and focuses on reports of groundwater contamination and other environmental impacts of shale gas exploration and production in states covering the Barnett, Marcellus and Haynesville Shales. It is a detailed and thorough research study, and does not gloss over potential problems with drilling, pointing out that many of the negative issues in shale gas drilling are from oil and gas drilling in general, not specific to horizontal hydraulic fracturing.

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Triad Hunter Buys Leases for 15.5K Acres in OH Utica Shale

Magnum Hunter’s subsidiary company, Triad Hunter, has just closed on a lease deal to take possession of 15,558 gross (12,186 net) acres in Ohio’s Utica Shale. The deal is for $2,037 per acre, or $24.8 million total. The seller has not been identified and according to the press release the seller may have more acreage to sell to Triad Hunter if they can clear up problems with title to some of the additional property.

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New Frack Wastewater Recycling Plant Coming to Eastern OH

Officials in Mahoning County, Ohio are negotiating with an unnamed company to build a frack water recycling facility in the county. The new facility will treat wastewater, recycling it to be reused in fracking operations. As a bonus, the sewage treatment plant in Mahoning will sell treated water to the new plant, a new revenue stream for the county.

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