NY Anti-Drilling Group Tense that Drilling May Soon Begin

One of the most rabidly anti-drilling organizations in New York is NYRAD—New York Residents Against Drilling. They are a fringe organization, but they do have a following. When MDN received a copy of NYRAD’s latest call-to-action-the-sky-is-falling-oh-woe-is-me missive, it contained a couple of interesting tidbits (see a copy of the full notice embedded below).

It seems NYRADers believe that:

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Major New Marcellus Pipeline Planned from NE PA to Albany

El Paso Corp, owner of the country’s largest natural gas pipeline system, including the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, is planning to build a new Marcellus Shale gas pipeline from northeastern Pennsylvania to Albany, NY. It would be a major 36-inch diameter pipeline moving a lot of gas. The target market for the gas is New England.

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