NY Judge Rules Town of Dryden can Ban Shale Gas Drilling

court gavelYesterday, Tompkins County (NY) Supreme Court Judge Phillip Rumsey handed anti-drillers a first, and likely short-lived, victory. He ruled that the Town of Dryden, located near Ithaca, has the right to ban shale gas drilling. As with many legal issues, this one is complicated, so let’s take a look at the case, Judge Rumsey’s decision, and what happens next.

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Range 2012 Capital Plan – More Marcellus Drilling Ahead

Range Resources released its 2012 capital budget and operating plans yesterday. Range announced that Marcellus drilling is full steam ahead, especially in the liquids-rich southwestern PA area. But they also announced they are reducing dry gas drilling to just 25 percent of the total capital budget. So, more drilling in southwest PA, less drilling in northeast PA.

Here are the relevant portions from the Range announcement that touch on the Marcellus Shale:

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Cabot O&G Partners with Williams on New Marcellus Pipeline

Cabot Oil & Gas is teaming up with Williams Partners to construct a new pipeline that will stretch from Cabot’s Marcellus gas wells in Susquehanna County, PA to Schoharie County, NY where it will connect to two interstate pipelines. The new pipeline will let Cabot sell its ever-increasing production of northeastern PA shale gas into more lucrative markets in New York and New England. The new pipeline is due to go online in March 2015.

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