Chesapeake’s Troubles Mean a Slowdown for Ohio

Carroll County, Ohio is starting to feel the negative effects of Chesapeake Energy’s troubles, as noted in a story yesterday in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Because of recent revelations of debt financing, private hedge funds and other practices by Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon, and a resulting fall in Chesapeake’s stock price and credit rating, drilling industry activity in Carroll County has slowed down—a lot.

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Vermont Becomes First State to Ban Fracking

In a purely symbolic gesture, Vermont has become the first (and likely only) state in union to ban hydraulic fracturing. Gov. Peter Shumlin signed the law yesterday with a crowd of grade school students from Twinfield Union School who have been brainwashed by their teachers into thinking fossil fuels are evil. The ban is symbolic because there is no oil or gas underneath Vermont to drill for.

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New Study Says Ohio’s Gas Severance Tax Lowest, Even If…

A new study released by the accounting firm Ernst & Young says that even if Ohio Gov. John Kasich gets his way and boosts the severance tax in the state on oil and gas drilling, Ohio’s severance tax rate would still be less than other states. Kasich wants to rob Peter to pay Paul, taking even more money from energy companies and landowners in the form of higher severance taxes in order to reduce the state income tax for everyone.

Apparently the Ohio Business Roundtable is in Kasich’s hip pocket because they are the ones who commissioned the study. This is the first time MDN has ever heard of a “business group” who wanted higher taxes.

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