How Many GE Employees will Come to Canton, OH?

GE Oil & GasAlthough Chesapeake is leaving town, moving the majority of its 200 employees who work in offices in Canton to a new facility they’re building 7 miles away in Louisville (see this MDN story), it’s not all bad news for Canton.

GE will build a new facility in Canton where some 30 new jobs will be created to manage GE’s area Marcellus and Utica Shale operations. But it’s going to cost Canton up to $84,000 per year for five years to seal the deal.

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How Many Chesapeake Employees will Stay in Canton, OH?

Earlier this week, MDN highlighted the announcement that Chesapeake Energy has chosen Louisville, Ohio to build a new field office (think regional headquarters) on a 291-acre site in the Beck Industrial Commerce Center (see this MDN story).

Chesapeake currently has employees working out of several offices in the City of Canton (which is about 7 miles from Louisville). They also have employees in other offices in the surrounding region—approximately 400 workers total. About half of them (~200) work in offices in Canton. Canton city officials worked hard to get Chesapeake to build their regional HQ there, but in the end, Canton didn’t have a spot large enough for the consolidated operation.

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Hess’ Utica Plans: Operate 3 Rigs, Complete 10 Wells in 2012

Hess will open its Steubenville, Ohio field office next week, a million dollar investment. The grand opening will be a low-key affair with a few area politicians and invited guests. Hess likes to avoid publicity.

Hess Operations Manager Joaquin Martinez, speaking at Tuesday’s Partners in Progress meeting in Steubenville about the grand opening, said that Hess has already spent $1.2 billion on the Utica Shale—$770 million to acquire Marquette Exploration, and $500 million on a joint venture with Consol Energy. He also had this to say about their short-term Utica Shale drilling plans:

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OriginOil Uses Algae to Clean Frack Wastewater

OriginOil, Inc., based in Los Angeles, is a biomass company that produces and markets a patent-pending commercial system using algae to produce crude oil. Think of it as a renewable fossil fuel! Their system is also used to clean water, using algae as a pollution absorber.

A new application for OriginOil is using their algae system to process flow back water—wastewater from hydraulic fracturing of shale oil and gas wells. OriginOil announced today they have created a new oil and gas division and appointed the former President of Exxon Arabian Gulf as an advisor to the business.

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Tom Ridge Forms Alliance with GES to Promote Marcellus

Former PA Gov. Tom Ridge heads his own consulting service called Ridge Policy Group, specializing in “government relations” and “issue management.” Ridge was heavily involved in the past with the Marcellus Shale Coalition—he was their public spokesperson for a year, a contract which ended in 2011.

Ridge has found a new Marcellus client, forming a “strategic alliance” with Groundwater & Environmental Services (GES), a company involved with drilling-related issues. MDN gathers from the press release gobbledygook (below) that Ridge will use his extensive rolodex to make business connections in the industry (and in government) for GES, and help out with public relations, raising the visibility of GES. Which is why you hire a famous ex-governor. 🙂

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