WV Chapter of Sierra Club Takes MDN to Task

liarYesterday MDN reported on a Tuesday gathering of anti-drillers in West Virginia calling for no further Marcellus Shale drilling permits to be issued until certain conditions are met (see this MDN story). Jim Sconyers, chairman of the WV Sierra Club, wrote to MDN, taking us to task over our characterization of that meeting.

Here’s Mr. Sconyer’s email:

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PIOGA Says, “You’ve Been Green-Slimed”

Anti-drilling organizations like PennFuture can make all sorts of wild accusations against the drilling industry in Pennsylvania and the media simply nods its collective head up and down like bobble heads, never questioning, always regurgitating what they’re fed. But when someone in the industry hits back, the media (and the anti-drillers) squeal like little girls.

PIOGA, the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association, sponsored a couple of billboards along the PA Turnpike about 35 miles from Pittsburgh a few days ago hitting back (see the picture below). What does PennFuture and the Associated Press do? Because “PIOGA” is not emblazoned across the billboard as the sponsor, they try to gin up a controversy that somehow “the industry” is trying to “hide the fact they sponsored it.” You can tell something is effective when you receive a reaction like this one.

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SUNY Bd of Trustees Orders UB to Report on Shale Institute

Started by the George Soros-funded Public Accountability Initiative, the witch hunt at University at Buffalo—the university that dared to establish a Shale Resources Institute—continues full force (see this MDN story for background). Now the State University of New York (SUNY) Board of Trustees is “ordering” UB to report back to them details about the Institute. Interesting the kind of influence money can buy.

Here’s what’s being reported:

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Veiled Reference to New Cracker Plant for WV?

Joe Eddy, president and CEO of Eagle Manufacturing in Wellsburg, WV made a presentation to the Wellsburg City Council on Tuesday. During his presentation, he made a mysterious reference to news that an ethane cracker plant may “come to the region in the next six months” and then said he could not elaborate any further. This is a synopsis of what he said:

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New Poll Finds Most Upstate NYers Favor Fracking

A regular and ongoing Quinnipiac University poll of New York residents, the latest version which was released yesterday, finds that Upstate NY voters have tipped in favor of fracking. A majority of Upstaters, 45%, support fracking, while 41% oppose it. And it’s no surprise that 72% of Republicans are in favor of fracking while 54% of Democrats oppose it. Like it or not, fracking is a political issue.

The questions from the poll dealing with shale gas drilling in New York are embedded below so you can see the breakout by groups. Here’s a summary of the findings as reported by Quinnipiac:

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Mansfield Univ. Offers New BS in Safety for Shale Industry

Safety Management Systems (SMS) is partnering with Mansfield University (in Pennsylvania) to launch a new degree program focusing on the expanding shale gas industry. The new Safety Management Bachelor of Science is part of the health sciences department at Mansfield. SMS is a division of Acadian, one of the nation’s largest providers of ground and air emergency and non-emergency medical transportation, EMT training and safety training.

From the SMS press release:

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PA PUC Issues more Advisories for Act 13 Zoning Violations

It’s full speed ahead for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) when it comes to evaluating whether (or not) local zoning ordinances violate portions of the new Act 13 drilling law, thereby making those local municipalities ineligible to receive impact fees.

But wait, isn’t there a case in PA Supreme Court that will be heard in October about the constitutionality of the zoning provisions of Act 13? Indeed there is. So how can the PUC push forward with evaluating zoning ordinances that have been ruled unconstitutional by lower courts? Good question.

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“Nationwide” Day of Fracking Protest a Gigantic Flop

It was grassroots, a phenomenon of social media sites like Facebook. The word went out to the anti-fracking faithful, and yesterday (trumpets blaring) was ta da da da: Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste National Rally Day – a day when the masses would rise up and protest against the nasty, dirty, polluting practice of fracking. Wait, what? You didn’t know? You didn’t see any protests “across the nation” or even in your own city or town? That’s right—Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste National Rally Day was a massive flop because no one protested.

Well, almost no one protested. We did find one media reference that “at least 30 protestors” gathered in Youngstown, Ohio (an area with a population of over a half million people). The keynote headliner for the rally? Former president of Pittsburgh City Council (and rabid anti-driller) Doug Shields, peddling his view that fracking should be banned everywhere and for everyone. He said he’s pursuing legal means to try and do just that:

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