Bad to Worse in NY: Martens Invokes Another Delay for SGEIS

fox in henhouseThe news in New York on the future of drilling has just gone from bad to worse. True to form, and as MDN has been telling your for more than a year now, Joe Martens—the Commissioner of New York’s Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC)—has once again delayed the release of new drilling rules for the state. As near as MDN can tell, the delay is indefinite—certainly until well into 2013.

Issuing a press release yesterday (read it below), Martens says he’s requested NYS Health Commissioner Nirav Shah to conduct a “health impact analysis” of hydraulic fracturing before the DEC will release new drilling rules. Here’s the (sad, maddening, tragic) press statement from fox-in-henhouse Martens:

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New Nonsense Report on Fracking Issued by Environment Maryland

Environment Maryland, an extreme environmentalist group, released a new report yesterday titled, “The Cost of Fracking: Environment Maryland Documents the Dollars Drained by Dirty Drilling” (see a copy embedded below). The report is filled with innuendo, half-truths and outright lies about the miracle of hydraulic fracturing. Typical scare tactic stuff that radical environmentalists use to try and influence the debate on drilling for clean natural gas—because facts they ain’t got. This report is more of the same.

Here’s the press release from Environment Maryland announcing this latest fiction:

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MDN Enjoys First Day of Shale Gas Insight Conference & Show

MDN enjoyed our first day at Shale Gas Insight, being held in Philadelphia. The exhibit hall, where we’ve been hanging out for most of the time, is filled with exhibit stands bearing many of the names we’ve written about over the past several years.

Yesterday saw some real headliners on the podium: PA Gov. Tom Corbett kicked things off with an early morning session, followed by a vigorous debate moderated by Ted Koppel, featuring PA Dept. of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer (one of our personal favorites) representing the views of Mitt Romney against Kathleen McGinty representing the views of President Obama. Unfortunately we only heard a small portion of that debate, but what we heard was intriguing.

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