Important Decision in Court Case Affects all NY Landowners

speculation ahead A very important legal decision in New York potentially affects all New York landowners with and without drilling leases who have seen a sharp jump in their property assessments. A Broome County, NY Supreme Court judge has just ruled in favor of four Tioga County, NY landowners who sued to have their property assessments reduced, believing their assessments were unfairly raised because of the perceived increase in land value from the possibility (i.e. “speculation”) that the land may one day see Marcellus Shale drilling.

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Chesapeake Well Pad Likely Source of Water “Contamination” in OH

One of the charges leveled against shale drilling by anti-drillers is that chemicals used during drilling—in greatly diluted quantities—will somehow rise up from a mile or more below the surface and contaminate groundwater sources like water wells and springs. However, in over 50,000 horizontally drilled and fracked shale oil and gas wells across the country, and in over two million vertically fracked wells, groundwater contamination from deep drilling has never happened. Nada. Not once.

That’s not to say activities related to drilling have not affected (i.e., “contaminated”) groundwater supplies. Groundwater is affected from time to time, but it’s rare and when it happens, it’s fixable. Case in point: Harrison County, Ohio. Limestone used in a drill pad constructed by Chesapeake Energy at their Dodson well site is likely the cause of discolored (“contaminated”) storm water discharging into a local stream and lake, the source of water for some area residents…

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Part 3 Chamber’s Shale Study: “Mind Blowing” for Jobs, Economy

In an interview with the Charleston Daily Mail, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s vice president for policy, Christopher Guith, called the soon-to-be-released third part of a study looking at the impact of the Marcellus and other shales “mind blowing” when it comes to the economic impact from midstream (pipelines) and downstream (petrochemicals) as they heat up in the coming years. In other words, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

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Maryland Gov Finally Allocates Money for Fracking Study in Budget

The stumbling, bumbling governor of Maryland, Socialist/Democrat Martin O’Malley, finally figured out that if the fracking study he himself ordered back in 2011 is ever going to get done by 2014, he’ll need to find money in the budget to do it. So in a blinding acknowledgement of the obvious, he included $1.5 million in the proposed budget he delivered to the legislature yesterday.

Of course, $1.5 million in Maryland is a rounding error in the state budget, but until now anti-drillers in the state have used lack of funding for the study as a convenient excuse to continue a moratorium on drilling. Look for the state’s Dems to neuter out the $1.5 million and then throw up their hands and say “no funding, no study, no drilling.” Typical.

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Maryland Shale Drilling Moratorium to be Debated in Legislature

Want to kill something? Just keep studying it. So says a very perceptive Maryland State Delegate, Wendell Beitzel, who represents Garrett County, MD. Beitzel wants to move forward with Marcellus drilling in Maryland. He faces an uphill battle. There’s a movement on right now to delay drilling by studying it to death (apparently Maryland is taking their cue from New York in that regard)…

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Spectra Energy Makes $4B Investment in Marcellus/Utica Infrastructure

Spectra Energy, a U.S. midstream (transmission and storage) company is excited about the possibilities of the Marcellus and Utica Shale and shipping shale gas from the northeast to the south and southwest U.S. They’re so excited, in fact, they’re hard at work and spending more than $4 billion on infrastructure projects in the northeast to do just that, according to Spectra president Bill Yardley…

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KM Pushing Forward with Tennessee Gas Pipeline Projects in 2013

Kinder Morgan, a powerhouse midstream (pipeline) company, issued their fourth quarter 2012 earnings report yesterday. It included a great amount of detail on the financials for the company, including stock price, dividends and such like. Of interest to MDN is, of course, what KM is saying about their investments and plans for the Marcellus/Utica region, including their expansion plans for the Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP). KM plans to spend a whopping $2.7 billion on major pipeline projects throughout the U.S. this year, some of which has been allocated for completing TGP projects in the Marcellus/Utica region.

Here is the relevant section of their report dealing with TGP plans for the Northeast:

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