Rex Energy OH Utica Wells go Toe-to-Toe with Gulfport Wells

toe 2 toe So far, we’ve had precious little in the way of well production numbers from the Ohio Utica Shale. The numbers we have had are encouraging. On Monday, Rex Energy released well production numbers for their “Warrior South Prospect” wells in the Ohio Utica, and the numbers look very good indeed. From two wells in Guernsey County and one in Noble County, Rex is reporting an average daily production of around 8 million cubic feet of natural gas, 500 barrels of condensate (natural gasoline), and 1,200 barrels of natural gas liquids (mostly ethane), per day for each well.

Below are the details from Rex, along with an embedded copy of their company presentation just updated (March 2013) which shows many more details, including maps and a very interesting table (on page 18) that compares Rex’s three Ohio wells with other drillers’ wells, including Ohio’s largest producing wells drilled by Gulfport. When converted to BTUs produced—which takes into account not only methane, but also gas liquids, condensate and oil—the Rex wells are among the best producing wells in the state…

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Antero Resources Rides the Marcellus Rocket in 2012

On Monday, Antero Resources issued their 2012 financial and operational results (full copy embedded below). Among the highlights: The company now holds 305,000 net acres in the Marcellus Shale and 88,000 acres in the Utica Shale. They operate 13 Marcellus rigs (all of them drilling in WV) and will add a 14th rig in 2013. Antero’s average daily production for all of 2012 in the Marcellus rocketed up 93% to 239 million cubic feet per day (Mmcf/d). Antero’s Marcellus production represents 72% of all of their production for 2012. As of March 2013, Antero’s average daily production for the Marcellus has risen to 390 Mmcf/d. The company is on a rocket!

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Third NY Town Wins Court Approval to Ban Fracking

Tomorrow, the Appellate Division (court) in Albany, NY will hear arguments in the twin cases of Dryden and Middlefield—two New York towns that illegally seized the property rights of all their citizens by completely banning fracking (see Important Developments in NY Fracking Ban Court Cases for background).

A third town, Livingston, has just won a court case that allows them to also illegally ban fracking. Lenape Resources had sued Livingston after the town passed a ban in 2012, claiming the ban affects their conventional/vertical drilling in the town, which has been going on for decades (see Lenape Sues Avon, NY & DEC over Fracking Ban – Seeks $50M). An “acting” judge didn’t agree, and cited Dryden and Middlefield to support his opinion…

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PA Judge Grants Injunction Against Protesters of TGP NE Pipeline

Anti-drillers who have been illegally blocking construction of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Northeast Upgrade in northeastern PA were told to knock it off by a Pike County judge. He also told them it’s going to cost them (a lot of) money if they try it again.

In a hearing held Monday, Judge Joseph Kameen granted TGP an injunction against protesters who have blocked access roads and perched themselves, literally, up trees in order to stop progress on the new pipeline. Why? They don’t like fracking and believe the pipeline, which will transport Marcellus Shale gas, will encourage more of it. Basically, they’re malcontents…

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PA’s Ranking Dem on House Enviro Committee Big-Time Anti-Driller

Need proof that many (most?) of Pennsylvania’s elected Democrats are anti-drilling dunderheads who have gorged themselves at the man-causes-global-warming-we-must-quickly-end-the-use-of-all-fossil-fuels buffet? How about this opinion piece, written by State Rep. Greg Vitali (Delaware County), the ranking Democrat on the PA House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee:

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OH Property Management Firm Plugs into the Shale Supply Chain

More lessons for small businesses that want to plug in to the booming Marcellus and Utica Shale supply chain, this time from a new transloading facility in Columbiana, OH, started by a property management company. What’s a transloading facility? It’s a place where (in this case) railroad cars full of sand are parked and unloaded with special equipment onto waiting trucks that then haul the sand to nearby drilling sites for use in hydraulic fracturing.

The Buckeye Transfer Realty transloading facility accepted their first sand shipment via rail on Jan. 4. In the past three weeks they’ve hired 22 new people, with plans to hire more. Here’s their story, along with some of the things they’ve learned:

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Fayette County, PA Towns Get Shorted on Impact Fee Distribution

Fayette County, PA towns are not happy with the way county commissioners have decided to distribute the impact “fee” (which is really part fee/part tax) of $1.4 million. The towns believe more of the fee should go to them for roadway repair to counter damage done from trucks used in the drilling process. However, county commissioners have “shorted” the towns. Instead of paying each town $10,000 from the impact fee till as the towns requested, payments will be more like half that amount…

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