Chesapeake 2.0? Aubrey McClendon is Back – in the Energy Business

Aubrey McClendon It was pretty easy to predict (and MDN predicted it), that a very youthful Aubrey McClendon would not just sit on his hands and lick his wounds after being unceremoniously tossed aside by corporate raider Carl Icahn and other Chessy investors. MDN said this on April 1:

Why is it an error to show McClendon to the door even in light of his aggressive financial deals? You think McClendon will take his piles of money and sit on a Caribbean beach somewhere? In your dreams! He’ll be back, and he’ll start (or buy) another company that will directly compete with Chesapeake. You can bank on it. (McClendon Exits Chesapeake, Well-Bonused “Friends” Replace Him)

And what’s this? Just two weeks after exiting stage left, Aubrey has registered three new company names, set up an office, and hung out his shingle. Stetson hats off to the man:

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MDN Goes to NAPE East in Pittsburgh (Pictures!)

Sooner or later, all energy roads in the Marcellus and Utica Shale lead to Pittsburgh. In many ways, because of the huge impact of the Marcellus (and now Utica) Shale, Pittsburgh has become the new Houston–the center of the energy universe. At least in the northeast. Last week the North American Prospect Expo (NAPE) brought its franchise event to Pittsburgh. NAPE usually runs twice a year–in Houston. This year they’ve added Pittsburgh to the lineup, calling it NAPE East.

MDN editor Jim Willis attended and hung out at the NGI Shale Daily booth for most of the event, chatting with passersby. We already brought you links to stories about the event from several Pittsburgh media outlets (see Marcellus & Utica Shale Story Links: Fri, Apr 12, 2013). Below, Jim provides his thoughts on the event, and the comments (gossip!) he heard at the event. More importantly, he took pictures! We’ve created a “virtual tour” of the event, so you get a feel for what such an event looks like, and what happens…

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PBS ‘Innovation Trail’ Does Sloppy (Lazy?) Reporting on JLCNY

Although it’s often maddening, to MDN, it’s sad to have to report on the bias (or laziness) in the mainstream media with regard to the drilling issue. Today we bring you one of the many examples we could have—and we bring it because of its particularly egregious nature. Innovation Trail is a collaboration between six upstate New York public media outlets. A reporter from the Buffalo PBS station, WBFO, posted an article yesterday that makes a factually wrong statement about the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY). If the reporter, Ashley Hassett, had bothered to check with the JLCNY instead of dutifully regurgitating propaganda from a radical group like Food & Water Watch, she might have preserved a bit of journalistic integrity with this story.

Using the ultra-radical Food & Water Watch (FWW) as her only source, Hassett posted a story with the theme that farmers and "foodies" (foodies being the radicals at FWW) are getting together to encourage Gov. Cuomo to adopt a ban on fracking. It was in the context of this so-called story she unknowingly (our preferred view) or perhaps knowingly made a statement about the JLCNY and their position that is an outright lie…

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Bloomberg Says Ohio Utica Shale is Gassy, Not Oily

Even though the 2012 production numbers for Ohio have still not been released, Bloomberg has declared Ohio’s dreams of producing large quantities of crude oil now dead and buried. Bloomberg says the Utica Shale play has turned out much more "gassy" than "oily". As their evidence, Bloomberg points to Ohio Utica asset sales now offered by some of the state’s biggest drillers, along with the opinions of a few analysts:

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Chesapeake Investor Presentation – Interesting Slides/Maps

Thanks to intrepid MDN contributor Chris Acker for sending along a link for the latest PowerPoint slide deck published by Chesapeake Energy (see it below). Jammed with useful information, we particularly like map on Slide 13 showing the location of natural gas processing plants in the Utica/Marcellus (with Chesapeake’s leasehold acreage colored in); the map on Slide 14 showing new pipeline "take away" capacity coming online soon; and Slides 27 & 28 showing, respectively, a Utica Shale and Marcellus Shale summary for Chesapeake’s holdings in each of those plays (how many rigs they operate, etc.).

There’s some really great stuff in this slide deck. Check it out…

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Magnum Hunter 1Q13 Update: More Drilling in Marcellus/Utica

This morning Magnum Hunter Resources, a drilling and midstream (pipeline) company issued an update for their first quarter 2013 operations. According to CEO Gary Evans, Magnum Hunter is due to close on the sale of their Eagle Ford Shale assets to Penn Virginia for $401 later this month. They plan to reinvest the proceeds in drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shale region, along with more drilling in North Dakota’s Williston Basin (Bakken Shale play).

Here are the sections from today’s announcement dealing with the Marcellus/Utica:

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Good Progress on MarkWest’s Cadiz, OH Processing Plant

MarkWest’s Cadiz, Ohio natural gas processing plant has been online since last year and currently separates handles 60 million cubic feet of gas per day (Mmcf/d), separating out gas liquids like ethane, propane, butane and pentane. MarkWest is busy building an expansion of the plant that, when done, will add an additional 125 Mmcf/d of capacity.

An update on MarkWest’s $1.8 billion infrastructure projects under way in Ohio this year:

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The Nutty Antics of Anti-Drilling Kids – Pittsburgh Edition

Anti-Drillers Stage Mock MarriageJust a few days after MDN editor Jim Willis visited Pittsburgh, a small group of 15 anti-drillers made fools of themselves in front of EQT Plaza in downtown Pittsburgh. Their (latest) cause? They don’t like the new Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD) and EQT’s participation in it. They believe the CSSD legitimizes "dirty" fossil fuels, like clean-burning natural gas, and since they (irrationally) hate all fossil fuels, any effort at ensuring mining of those fuels is done safely is tantamount to killing Mother Earth. Wackos.

To illustrate the "folly" of big, nasty drillers cooperating with eco-nut organizations like GASP and the Heinz Foundation, this small group of true believers (local college students with time on their hands, from a Fruit Loops organization called the Energy Action Coalition) staged a mock wedding in front of EQT…

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Southwest Airlines Begins Daily Roundtrip Houston/Pittsburgh

Makes sense that Houston, the reigning champ as "energy capital of the world" and Pittsburgh, the challenger and on the ascendancy to the title, would have a direct airline flight between them. Until last weekend, there was one–United. United is now joined by a second direct flight every day: Southwest Airlines.

Southwest announced on Sunday they have begun a daily flight from Pittsburgh to Houston and back.

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