Gov. Cuomo Delivers 2-Punch Bad News to NY Landowners

Andrew and Mario CuomoTwo stories from last week are harbingers of bad news for landowners and businesses who want to see fracking begin in New York: (1) Gov. Andy “Ditherer” Cuomo told the Syracuse Post-Standard editorial board he’s pushing off a decision on fracking until next year’s 2014 elections, and (2) when Gov. Ditherer was asked by public radio about whether or not fracking would be part of his attempted resurrection of upstate from the economic dead, he said “no.” He’d rather dither around with casinos and using something you never, ever thought you’d hear from a Democrat’s mouth: tax free zones.

His comments about delaying the fracking decision until 2014:
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Scranton Newspaper Plays Both Sides of Fracking – For Profit?

Last week MDN told you about a non-story story written by the Scranton Times-Tribune which was immediately picked up and amplified by the AP (see AP’s Non-Story About PA Water Wells “Contaminated” by Drilling). The story tries (and fails) to say Marcellus drilling is causing a huge number of instances of methane contamination of water supplies in PA. We debunked it of course. But now we may know the real reason for that story. The owner of the Times-Tribune recently purchased an environmental services company that supposedly investigates and fixes such water-related issues. What a racket: Scare the *#$! out of people, then sell them a fix for their fears.

We get the story about this slimy setup by the Times-Tribune from a Wayne County landowner writing on the Natural Gas Now blog site:
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GreenHunter to Offer “Free” Recycled Frackwater at Wheeling Plant

An article in The State Journal (WV) says the new shale wastewater treatment facility GreenHunter Water wants to build in Wheeling will grant generous discounts–in essence a rebate–to drillers who haul their wastewater to the facility and on the same trip fill up with recycled wastewater to haul back for re-use in drilling and fracking operations. GreenHunter will save money because they won’t have to pay to haul it away for disposal, and drillers get what is, in essence, free water for use in drilling. It’s a win/win for everyone:
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Canandaigua, NY Extends Frack Ban with Aim to Make it Permanent

The Town of Canandaigua, NY (Ontario County, between Syracuse and Rochester) voted last week to extend a moratorium on fracking. A similar moratorium signed into law by failed Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan was tossed out by a judge last October (see NY Judge Throws Out Binghamton Fracking Moratorium). Apparently judicial precedent holds no sway with the wizards of smart on Canandaigua’s town board. They want to try their own moratorium–even though there is no drilling in New York. However, the real aim, according to the town’s director of development, is a permanent ban, i.e., the stripping away of landowners’ Constitutional rights.

Hopefully the taxpayers of Canandaigua will enjoy paying higher taxes to defend the indefensible in court:
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Natrium, WV NGL Processing Plant Start-up Close

Processing plants in the Marcellus and Utica Shale region are a critical component of the drilling picture that frankly is holding up further development right now. Without the ability to separate “wet gas” (gas containing compounds in addition to methane, like ethane, butane, propane and pentane), drillers in wet gas areas are either drilling and capping their wells, or not drilling them in the first place. All eyes are on infrastructure projects like the processing plant in Natrium, WV being built by Blue Racer Midstream, a joint venture between Dominion and Caiman Energy.

The $500 million Natrium plant was due to be finished last December. Then the start-up date was changed to be “late spring” of this year (see Natrium, WV NGL Plant Behind Schedule, Will Open “Late Spring”). It’s almost summer and the plant is still not open. However, the signs point to an imminent start:
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