Pro-Drilling PA Gov. Tom Corbett Applauded by National GOP

Tom CorbettPennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, strongly pro-drilling, was the star of the show at the Republican National Committee meeting in Boston last Thursday where he gave a speech at a gathering that included so-called Republicans like NJ Gov. Chris Christie and MA Senator Scott Brown–RINOs with much more national name recognition. Corbett got repeated applause for reducing the bloated size of government in PA (cleaning up the mess left by Ed Rendell) and for ramping up Marcellus Shale drilling.

Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason said New York wants Corbett to come make a speech in the Empire State to show the apparently clueless (our words) Cuomo how to get it done when it comes to drilling. Here’s what Gleason said about Corbett’s Boston speech, about his conversation with the head of the GOP in NY, and about the controversy that has erupted over the PA Democrats’ idiotic vote to “temporarily” ban drilling statewide:
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Landslide Causes MarkWest NGL Pipeline in WV to Rupture/Spill

A landslide last week damaged a MarkWest Energy wet gas pipeline in Wetzel County, WV. The pipeline ruptured and spilled gas liquids onto the ground and into a nearby stream causing a fish kill. The pipeline connects MarkWest’s Mobley and Majorsville facilities. It was immediately shut down and will remain so for the foreseeable future until repairs are done.

The known details of the spill:
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PA NatGas Production up 58.5% to 1.42 Tcf (!)

The top-notch editors at NGI’s Shale Daily have put together a must-see report on Marcellus Shale production in PA. Natural gas production in PA was up an astonishing 58.5% in the first six months of this year–to a new high of 1.42 trillion cubic feet. The report identifies the state’s top-producing well (in Bradford County, find out which driller and how much gas it produced in the report), and includes a handy chart showing production by county, breaking out methane, condensate and oil production.

The article/report begins this way:
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Prometheus to Supply Antero Resources with LNG for Drilling Rigs

In April MDN told you that Antero Resources was the second Marcellus/Utica Shale driller that would convert its drilling rigs to run on 100% liquefied natural gas, or LNG (see Antero Res 2nd Marcellus Driller to Use 100% NatGas Rig Engines). Seems Antero now has a supplier that will deliver the LNG and the necessary equipment to Antero’s drill sites to power those rigs. That supplier is Prometheus Energy Group…
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NY Anti-Drillers Plan “Red Letter Day” for Obama Binghamton Visit

Walter Hang, proprietor of a company called Toxics Targeting, and the loony brigade from New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD) will be out in force at President Obama’s appearance this Friday at Binghamton University. MDN has attended various anti-drilling meetings in the past (as a reporter, not a supporter) and has ended up on email lists including Mr. Hang’s.

Hang sent the following email alert to all the faithful encouraging them to turn out on Friday, with the subject line “URGENT ALERT! URGENT ALERT! OBAMA AT BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY FRIDAY – AUGUST 23rd”:
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GreenHunter Water 2Q13: Revenue Way Up, Losses Way Up Too

GreenHunter Resources and its subsidiary GreenHunter Water is a fracking wastewater recycler/disposal company focused on the Marcellus and Utica Shale region. GreenHunter released their second quarter financials and operational update yesterday. Wastewater is good for GreenHunter: revenue for the first six months of this year vs. last year is up a very big 172%, albeit it’s only $17.5 million in revenue. GreenHunter recently had good news with the approval of a new recycling/barge facility in Wheeling, WV (see Wheeling, WV Approves GreenHunter Frack Wastewater Facility).

However, all is not coming up roses for GreenHunter. The company is bleeding money with an operating loss of $2.1 million as of June 30th. They’ve just hired a new senior vice president/chief financial officer to help stem the bleeding…
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More on that Half Billion Dollar Antero Water Pipeline in WV

We have a few more helpful details on Antero’s project to build an 80-mile water pipeline from the Ohio River to Tyler and Ritchie counties in West Virginia. The project has been approved and will cost Antero $525 million (that’s over half a billion). However, when complete, the new pipeline and other infrastructure Antero has and is building will reduce their cost to drill a well by $600,000. They plan to drill some 30% of their wells this year using water from this project, and 90% of the wells they drill in 2014.

More information about the project, which Antero has been tight-lipped about:
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Cowardly Cuomo Will Not Visit Syracuse/Binghamton with Obama

Gov. Andrew “Spineless” Cuomo–who laughably thinks he has a shot at one day being president–will not join President B.H. Obama when Obama visits the “hotbed” of fracking controversy in Cuomo’s own state–Syracuse and Binghamton, NY. Why won’t Cuomo be on the platform with his political idol? Fear of facing angry landowners and supporters of shale drilling. Cuomo knows he is loathed in shale country in upstate NY and doesn’t want to answer tough questions about fracking or risk being seen for what he is: indecisive and weak.

Cuomo has ended his own future political ambitions over the fracking issue and everyone knows it–except, apparently, him…
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