Where Does YOUR Business Fit in the Marcellus/Utica Supply Chain? [FREE]

puzzle piecesA little more than a year ago MDN editor Jim Willis developed a Supply Chain tutorial that was included in Vol. 3 of the 2012 Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook. The tutorial is Jim’s attempt at graphically charting how the upstream and midstream shale drilling business works, and more importantly, where various vendors/businesses plug in during that process. That is, where can your business sell its services to the industry. The shale drilling process is like an orchestra. The energy company (whom we call “the driller”) is the conductor, and all of the instruments in the orchestra that must play together at the right time, hitting the right notes, are typically businesses not owned by the driller. There is a lot of opportunity for local businesses to sell their products and services to the Marcellus and Utica Shale drilling industry. But many don’t know where to begin. That’s what the tutorial aims to address.

Jim is today releasing the MDN Supply Chain tutorial as a stand alone report. See it and download it below, for free. It’s Jim’s way of giving the industry, and faithful MDN readers, a boost.

NOTE: Jim is seriously considering a new series of workshops, either in person or online, to assist businesses with learning how to locate opportunities and sell to the Marcellus and Utica Shale industry. If such a concept sounds interesting you to, drop Jim an email at: [email protected] and let him know “I’m interested” and he’ll add you to an announcement list when/if he releases such a service. In the meantime, please download and enjoy Jim’s Supply Chain tutorial…
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NY Attorney General Files to Dismiss Norse Lawsuit, More Delays

The government of the State of New York–or rather certain government officials–continue to deny justice to residents in the state. The state’s supposed chief defender of the law, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, unbelievably has filed a motion to dismiss the Article 78 case filed by Norse Energy that would compel Gov. Andrew Cuomo, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens and State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah to stop their intentional obstruction and finalize shale drilling rules. Norse, and the residents of New York, have been denied justice for 5 1/2 long years, and now Schneiderman doesn’t even want to allow those people their day in court. The attempt, if successful, would be an unimaginable miscarriage of justice by the highest officials in the state. It is, in fact, government tyranny of its residents.

Norse’s legal beagle, Tom West, has filed a counter motion to the AG’s motion that points out the arrogance and huge legal holes in the AG’s arguments. In addition to delaying a hearing that was first set in January, then moved by the court to March, and now moved again to “sometime in April,” the court that will hear the case (Albany County Supreme Court) has decided to join a similar case brought by the 70,000-member Joint Landowners Coalition of New York to the Norse Energy case. West believes the AG will try to dismiss the JLCNY case as well (Schneiderman has no shame and actively works against his own constituents). Below is an update from The West Firm along with an announcement from the JLCNY about the further delay in their case…
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Research Recommends Different Radioactivity Test for Wastewater

A new study has just been accepted for publication in the peer reviewed journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters titled, “Matrix Complications in the Determination of Radium Levels in Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Water from Marcellus Shale” (full copy embedded below). It is important to understand what this highly technical article does, and does not, say–and what it does, and does not mean. The article reports research by a professor of radiology (and his colleagues) at the University of Iowa into the different ways Marcellus Shale flowback wastewater can be tested to determine the level of radioactivity in the water. There is a concern that Pennsylvania and New York have specified a method of testing put forward by the federal EPA that is fine for drinking water, but not accurate when testing Marcellus Shale wastewater. The professor and his team have determined the EPA method of testing only shows 1% of the true amount of radioactivity in some water samples, whereas there are other, more reliable tests, that catch nearly all of the radioactivity.

The purpose of the research–the “import” or “bottom line”–is that environmental regulatory agencies are using the wrong test when it comes to analyzing frack wastewater. What this research shows is that a different test is needed. However, what the research does NOT show is that the level of radioactivity found is dangerous to handle or dangerous to dispose of, either by recycling or by injection well. The only way some (not all) wastewater would be dangerous is by releasing it back into rivers and streams without proper treatment–something PA banned nearly three years ago under then-DEP Sec. Michael Krancer (see PA DEP, Marcellus Shale Coalition Admit Drilling Wastewater Likely Contaminating Drinking Water)…
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Bentek Estimates Feb Natgas Production Up 1% from 2013

Platts’ Bentek Energy service released their estimates of U.S. national natural gas production for February 2014 yesterday. They estimate production was up 0.6 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d), or about 1% from the same level a year ago. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) doesn’t release their February estimates until the end of April. Bentek uses pipeline receipts to calculate their numbers, which are generally pretty reliable.

Here’s more about Bentek’s prediction and insights into natgas production in February:
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Anti-Drillers Turn Out to Oppose TGP Pipeline Expansion Across MA

As you may recall, a few weeks ago MDN was a bit dumbfounded that residents of Massachusetts were being so reasonable about the prospect of Kinder Morgan expanding the Tennessee Gas Pipeline across the state to deliver critically needed new supplies of natural gas to New England (see Reaction to TGP’s Planned Pipeline Across Massachusetts). It’s Massachusetts for heaven’s sake! Home of some of the looniest of the loons, lefties of the left. And here they were, being all reasonable. The stars were out of alignment.

It took a little time, but true to expectations, here come the MA nutters out of the woodwork to oppose the pipeline. They’re spitting and sputtering and mouthily proclaiming Kinder Morgan has “no idea who they’re dealing with.” Now THAT’S more like the wacky MA residents we know and love. The stars are now realigned in the eco-nut firmament…
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Peak Oil Theorist Art Berman Says Shale Gas is Peaking Too

What do you call it when your theories are completely, utterly discredited, and yet you continue to put them forward in an attempt to reclaim your notoriety? Determined? Valiant? Desperate? Pig-headed? Pathetic? Perhaps all of the above. Art Berman is famous for peddling the “peak oil” theory that says, dang, the world is almost out of that black gold and ya’ll better think about what’s next cause them fossil fuels are dryin’ up. Then the shale revolution happened. Whoops. That theory went out the door. But not for Art. He’s still a peak oil true believer–a peak oil evangelist. And now he’s back, peddling (don’t laugh)…peak shale gas. Yessiree, if it weren’t for that darned Marcellus, shale gas production would already be headin’ into the crapper, according to Art.

Here’s a sample of Art’s wild yarns, part of an interview with Art posted on the appropriately named Motley Fool website:
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