OOGA’s DeBrosse Report: Utica Drilling Ramps Up in 2013

reportEach year the 3,200-member Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA) issue the DeBrosse Memorial Report. The report is a high level look at where (and how much) drilling there has been in the state–and what they’re finding (methane, oil, NGLs). OOGA’s Peter MacKenzie presented the findings of the latest DeBrosse Report at last week’s OOGA Annual Winter Meeting in Columbus. According to MacKenzie, the data in this year’s report, “should get people’s attention,” saying it sure got his.

OOGA supplied us with a copy of the report to share with MDN subscribers (full copy embedded below). It’s chock full of great maps and charts and statistics about oil and gas drilling in Ohio. The numbers (and maps) show the dramatic impact Utica Shale drilling has had. First up are some of the highlights as shared by the Akron Beacon Journal, followed by the full report…
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MDN Interviews David Holt, President of Consumer Energy Alliance

MDN editor Jim Willis recently had the pleasure of speaking by phone with David Holt, president of the Consumer Energy Alliance based in Houston, TX. David was a speaker at the recent Clean Frac’ing Conference in Houston. Jim spoke to David about the mission of CEA, who belongs to it and why, David’s views on natural gas and alternative forms of energy, and about his involvement with the recent Clean Frac’ing conference (what he heard and saw at the conference). The podcast interview below runs just over 20 minutes, please give it a listen!

Below the podcast interview are notes taken by Brittany Thomas of Cabot Oil & Gas who attended and participated on a panel discussion at the Clean Frac’ing Conference. Thanks for the notes Brittany! We bring this interview with David Holt and Brittany’s notes to you as a public service to keep you informed with how the drilling industry continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation and environmental protection…
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Fate of 3 WV Laws that Impact Marcellus/Utica Drilling

Each year the West Virginia legislature meets for 60 days to consider new legislation. Some bills make it to a floor vote, most do not. There are three bills of major concern to Marcellus and Utica Shale drillers before WV legislators during this session, which just wrapped up last week: chemical tank regulation; WV Future Fund; and forced pooling. One of the three passed and will almost certainly be signed into law by WV Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. Another passed with major modifications, rendering it unrecognizable from the original. The third, to our knowledge, never made it to the floor for a vote and died in committee.

Which was which?…
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Rice Energy’s Washington, PA Town Meeting – 700 Turn Out

Rice Energy and its CEO Toby Rice held a town meeting at the Bentworth High School gymnasium last Thursday evening. About 700 Washington County, PA residents showed up for the meeting which was, by all accounts, “well-mannered” and cordial–with no anti-drilling hecklers present (a minor miracle). Rice said the company will hold such meetings every six months to stay in touch with area residents and the landowners with whom they do business. Rice Energy recently went public, garnering even more money than they had hoped (see Rice Energy IPO Soars, Brings in $84M More Than Expected). The company is headquartered near Pittsburgh and is mostly focused on the Marcellus Shale. According to Toby Rice, drillers (like Rice) may turn to drilling Utica wells in the area, but only after exhausting their Marcellus options first.

Here’ more of what Toby said last week at the Bentworth High School…
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Trickle Down Shale Economics Benefit Belmont County, OH

A few weeks ago MDN highlighted the results of a recent survey by Ohio University of local elected officials across 17 counties experiencing the majority of shale activity and development in Ohio (see Survey Says! OU Survey of Local OH Officials on Utica’s Impacts). Two county officials in Belmont County, OH did not participate in the survey, but agree with it’s findings. That is, Utica Shale drilling is having a major impact on their county.

Here’s a closer look at how drilling in Belmont County is affecting those who live there, including beneficial “trickle down” economics that go along with an infusion of large amounts of money…
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Utica Shale Drilling Ripple Effect in Northern Part of Play

Just because you don’t see a drilling rig and holes being drilled in the ground, it doesn’t mean Utica Shale drilling isn’t having enormous, positive economic benefits in a community. So says Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber officials. They point to the hundreds of permanent new jobs at area manufacturers–jobs created and sustained directly by the drilling industry.

More on the Utica supply chain and how it’s benefiting areas that haven’t (yet) seen their own Utica wells drilled…
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PA Batman, Protected Species & Marcellus Drilling

The anti-drilling media in Pennsylvania continually tries to oppress and stir up sentiment against drilling any way they can. One of their favorites is to christen a species as “protected” and then accuse the drilling industry of wanting to drill right where that protected species lives–heartless jerks. So when common-sense Republican lawmakers decide to modify the rules just a bit to make it easier to drill, or build, or farm where a “protected” bat is located, the howls of protest go up. No, the proposed change is not about drilling willy nilly and causing the extinction of a truly endangered species. These species are not on the federal endangered species list–they’re simply on the PA “protected” list.

This is about libs who want to use “protection” for wildlife as an excuse to control legitimate commercial activity–whether farming or drilling or building, or whatever. Right on cue, we have a story of precious, helpless little bats. A disease (miraculously not related to drilling) is wiping out certain species of bats in PA–and has been for years, long before shale drilling arrived in the state. Some want to use the bat protection issue as an excuse to restrict drilling and other activities…
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Time to Congratulate Devon & Crosstex on the Birth of EnLink

As we previously told you, Devon Energy, a drilling company with some midstream assets, and Crosstex Energy, a midstream company, were due to merge (see Crosstex Energy Gets a Name Change, Merger with Devon Proceeds). It was quite a while in coming–lots of lawyers reviewing every syllable of every paper.

Last Friday the two companies announced they have finally, fully, irrevocably tied the merger knot and together they have delivered a bouncing baby…midstream company. They named the new baby EnLink. Time for a cigar…
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Syndicated Columnist’s Eyes Opened by Marcellus Shale Drilling

Syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock visited an Anadarko Petroleum Marcellus Shale drilling site in Lycoming County, PA last year to see first-hand what happens when a well gets drilled. As he puts it, at the time it was a “cyclone of equipment, personnel and activity.” Four months later he returned to the same location. And what did he see? Three acres of a well pad with five wellheads sticking up a few feet and a “constant, mild hiss.” The sound of natural gas being harvested.

Here is Murdock’s first-hand account of what he experienced upon his return, and what it means for our nation at large…
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The Link Between Ukraine and Marcellus Shale Gas

Is there a link between Russia’s nakes aggression and invasion of Ukraine, and American shale gas, like that found in the Marcellus and Utica? You bet there is! When Russian bully Vlad Putin wants to throw his weight around, he turns off the natural gas pipeline to places like Poland and Ukraine. Keeps the peasants in line, especially during long, cold winters like this one. Just the threat of turning it off has a profound effect.

Four eastern European nations–Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic sent an official letter on Friday to U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner begging him to step up U.S. efforts at exporting natural gas to Europe–so they can tell Vlad where to stick his gas. American exports would make for a much more secure Europe and would serve to marginalize Putin and his bullies. If we could just get the Obama administration to start crawling toward more export facility approvals (instead of being at a virtual standstill), it would certainly help. Exporting to Europe would help sop up some of the oversupply we have in the Marcellus Shale…
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