MDN Update from the Road – Full Strength MDN Returns Tomorrow

coffeeEvery now and again MDN editor Jim Willis emerges from his writing cave in Binghamton, NY to travel. Such is the case this week. Normally you (hopefully) wouldn’t know that Jim is on the road as he does his best to keep the news coming. Today, however, is different. There will be no new stories posted today. For the past two days Jim attended the excellent “Analyst Training in the Power and Gas Sectors,” hosted by S&P Global Market Intelligence (formerly SNL KnowledgeCenter), in New York City. NYC is Jim’s favorite large city in the world. 🙂 Jim was there to improve his education on how the natural gas and electricity markets fit together–an increasingly important part of the “drilling” story in the Marcellus/Utica. And what an education it was! Jim remains on the road for the balance of the week, visiting the good folks of NGI (Natural Gas Intelligence) in the Washington, DC area. Between the seminar and traveling to DC (and not sleeping so well in hotel rooms), Jim couldn’t quite swing posting stories today. This is a RARE occurrence. A “no story day” has happened perhaps once or twice in the past 5+ years we’ve had paying subscribers. Our apologies in advance! What it means is that you will have 100% full strength, amped up, aromatic Marcellus/Utica news again beginning tomorrow. Jim is already working on some big stories. Stay tuned!