Court Lifts Atlantic Sunrise Stop Work Order – 2,500 Back to Work

Yesterday was quite a roller coaster ride for Williams with regard to a work stoppage in building the $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline. It was just two days ago that the Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued an emergency stop work order for Atlantic Sunrise, idling some 2,500 workers in PA and costing the company $8 million a day in downtime (see DC Court Forces “Emergency Stop” of Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Work and Sierra Club Pipeline Lawsuit Throws 2,500 in PA Out of Work). The stop work order was in response to a lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club, Lancaster Against Pipelines and several other radical Big Green groups. Williams, the builder of the pipeline, filed a “Motion for Clarification” to ask the court what the order means, stop only the work on the pipeline in Pennsylvania? Or does the stop work order include other states too, where new gas supplies are already flowing? In their motion, Williams also asked the court to make the Sierra Club and the other radical groups to collectively post an $8 million per day bond–to cover Williams’ expenses if/when the radicals lose their case. After all, their actions are costing Williams $8M a day. Early yesterday the court responded to Williams’ motion with an answer: Stop work only applies in PA, and no, the court won’t make the radicals post an $8M/day bond. Bummer. That was the low point of the day. But then came a second response from the court in the late afternoon: The court said (our words), “The emergency stop work order is over, you can go back to work, and after reviewing the petition from the nutjobs, we’ve found they don’t have a case. Case dismissed.” That was the high point of the day. And so today, Thursday, Nov. 9, some 2,500 PA workers are back on the job laying pipe–including laying pipe through a cornfield in Lancaster County owned by a group of misguided nuns (who have sued to stop it). The nuns’ property will be the very first location to see the new pipeline installed and buried…

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