Maryland Pulls a NY, Rejects Pipeline Under Potomac River

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (RINO)

We’ve said it before and will say it again: Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is a major disappointment. Somehow radical leftists have politically emasculated Hogan and now lead him around by the nose (see Maryland Gov. Hogan Pulls the Trigger, Commits Fracking Suicide).
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Too Funny! Angry “Reporters” Call Mariner East 2 “Frankenpipe”

You know you’ve hit a nerve when so-called reporters (propagandists) at a Philadelphia-area newspaper drop all pretense of being objective in their reporting and begin calling a pipeline project made-up names–like calling Mariner East 2 “Frankenpipe.” Talk about petulant and childish!
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Energy Stories of Interest: Thu, Jan 3, 2019

The “best of the rest”–stories that caught MDN’s eye that you may be interested in reading: Four permits issued in Ohio’s Utica; PA Rep. Daryl Metcalfe named new Republican Chair of House Environmental Committee; Weirton-Steubenville corridor sees nation’s highest percentage of construction job growth; Gov. Charlie Baker signs law requiring greater engineering oversight of natural gas work; U.S. natural gas producers, facing bottlenecks, practically giving gas away; How fracking enriches education in Texas – the rest of the story; Sempra sheds non-utility U.S. natural gas storage facilities; Energy commodity prices fell significantly in the last quarter of 2018; Here’s what to expect from oil in 2019; Chesapeake Energy, fracking pioneer, bet on oil – then prices plunged; Annual natural gas storage ‘deficit’ will turn into ‘surplus’ by mid-January; With an eye on record flow from Russia, gas market braces for slump; Russian natural gas flows to Germany, Slovakia up 2% on year in 2018 at 132.5 Bcm; Warnings of LNG supply shortages after 2022 should be taken seriously.
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