Transco Pipe Breaks Record for Deliveries – Keeps Pressure on NY

Transco Pipeline map (click for larger version)

The largest interstate natural gas pipeline system in the country, the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line (Transco), owned by Williams, recently flowed and delivered the most gas for a single day it has ever delivered–15.68 billion cubic feet (Bcf), on Jan. 21.
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Rice Boys Secret Sauce for Reviving EQT: Digital & Data

EQT CEO Rob McNally and board chairman Jim Rohr are in a pitched battle to maintain their control of the company. They dismiss a plan by Toby and Derek Rice to enhance EQT’s production at a lower cost as something that worked for small potatoes Rice Energy, but couldn’t work for a big, important company like EQT. The Rice boys shoot back that EQT is bloated and lumbering and needs a good house-cleaning. So what is the essence of the Rice plan to get EQT back on track? What’s the Rice boys’ secret sauce?
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Antis Try to Pick Open Old Scab of Settled (and Sealed) Range Case

Three families who live near a former drill site and frack wastewater impoundment at the Yeager Marcellus Shale site in Washington County, PA sued Range Resources in May 2012 claiming the air they breathe and the water they drink had been contaminated by Range’s operations at the site (see EPA Investigating Range Drill Site in Western PA). The case was eventually settled and sealed in September 2018.
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WV Sen. Manchin Supports Marcellus/Utica, Rejects “Green New Deal”

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin

Let’s be honest. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (Democrat) is a swamp dweller–an establishment guy who, when it really counts, votes with his own sleazy party against the best wishes of the United States (he’s done it multiple times). However, Manchin is one of the better Democrats in Congress when it comes to energy issues.
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Democrat Ernest “Hair” Moniz Pees All Over Green New Deal

Ernest “Hair” Moniz

The so-called Green New Deal plan being floated, which isn’t really a plan as much as general sentiments, was not only refuted by Democrat WV Sen. Joe Manchin yesterday, it’s also being refuted by some of the left’s biggest thinkers. Earnest “Hair” Moniz, former Secretary of Energy under Lord Obama, says the Green New Deal and its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050 is, in a word, crazy.
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Radicalized Senator Intros Bill to Ban New Pipelines in Vermont

Radicalized Vermont State Sen. Alison Clarkson

Our use of language and the word radicalized is intentional. In the same way some otherwise peace loving and normal Americans have become radicalized by fringe elements of Islam, it’s also happening in the environmental movement. Otherwise rational people are becoming radicalized–with an irrational, intense hatred against fossil fuels like natural gas. It’s totally bonkers. One of the places it’s happening–Vermont.
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Energy Stories of Interest: Fri, Feb 8, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: Lackawanna College delivers great careers in natural gas for locals; The Dimock water quality hustle fully revealed in deposition; West Virginia’s rebound is raising wages and reducing welfare; Hull Street buys 2 natgas-fired plants in New York; GOP governor names attorney to Ohio PUC; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: For sale in Texas: natural gas at record low price; MHPS JAC turbine selected to power the world’s most efficient plant in Va.; NATIONAL: Hydraulic fracturing conference hits full stride on day two; The surprisingly low seasonality of U.S. natural gas prices; INTERNATIONAL: Tests at Cuadrilla’s British fracking site show substantial gas flows.
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