Work Restarts at 8-Year Dormant Youngstown, OH Injection Well

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A wastewater injection well that was drilled some eight years ago but never opened for business near Youngstown, OH is once again seeing construction activity–in preparation to bring the well online. Although the Northstar Collins #6 well was drilled years ago, the original permit to operate it is expired. The Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR) says they are talking with the owners and expect a new permit application to be filed any time now.
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M-U Transload Facility in OH Getting Gas-Fired Power Plant 2021

Aerial view of the Long Ridge Energy Terminal from the Ohio River

In January 2018 MDN brought you news from the new owners of what is now called the Long Ridge Energy Terminal in Monroe County, OH (transloading facility) that they were moving forward “quickly” with plans to build a 485-megawatt Utica gas-fired electric plant. The plan was to have it online and running in 2020. That’s now been pushed back to late 2021.
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Big Green Imports German Radicals to Fight Mountain Valley Pipe

Germany’s Ende Gelande – coming to America?

It’s bad enough that small groups of our own citizens are stupid enough to oppose safe natural gas pipelines–because they irrationally hate fossil fuels. But when they use Big Green money to import radical activists from other countries, like Germany–that crosses a line. Appalachians Against Pipelines and several other fringe groups invited anarchists from Germany’s Ende Gelande to attend several meetings to teach our homegrown econuts how to illegally block legal projects, like Mountain Valley Pipeline.
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Gov. Wolf’s Campaign of Lies re Severance Tax Continues in Philly

How many times will Pennsyvlania voters (voters in general across the U.S.) continue to fall for the same old Democrat lies? “All it takes is more money. We’re almost there. Raise XYZ taxes [like a new 4.5% “severance” tax in PA] and we’ll have it. That will cure [fill in the blank]…lead problems in schools, hunger, heck, it might even cure cancer!” That’s the line of bull being fed by PA Gov. Wolf to (really stupid and gullible) Pennsylvanians about the need for a Marcellus-killing severance tax.
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ME2 Pipe Construction Thru Girl’s Softball Field – How Dare They!

You can “hear” the indignation in the Philadelphia Inquirer article. Mariner East 2 (ME2) Pipeline, which (according to antis) shouldn’t be allowed to continue their construction activities, is not only continuing said activities in Chester County, PA, ME2 is going to put a pipeline right through the middle of a (gasp) girl’s softball field! When the season is just about to begin. HOW DARE THEY?!
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