EQT Fires Back at Rice Bros. with New Investor Presentation

On Tuesday Toby and Derek Rice published a presentation to EQT investors in connection with EQT’s upcoming annual meeting of shareholders on July 10 that “takes no prisoners” (our words), condemning EQT’s current management and most of its board members (see Rice Brothers Publish Scalding EQT Investor Presentation). We said in our post that if the allegations (or spin, or whatever word you want to use) are true, EQT would need to respond, strongly, to refute it. Yesterday EQT issued its response by publishing a newly updated investor presentation. Continue reading

New York Pulls the Trigger, Commits Energy Suicide with New Law

If you haven’t already, it’s probably time to get out of New York State. The State is about to implode economically and people will be leaving in even larger numbers than they already are, due to obscene taxes and (now) electric rates that will rival and surpass those in New England to become the highest rates in the Lower 48. NY’s fascist Democrats in the NY “legislature” (i.e. Politburo) are about to pass a law that will be signed by Dictator-in-Chief Andrew Cuomo, a law killing most electric generation from fossil fuels by 2045 (in 25 years). Which means no new natgas-fired power plants will get built in the state from this day forward, and some (most?) of NY’s gas-fired plants in operation will have to close.
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List of M-U Pipeline Projects Waiting for FERC Approval

A number of Marcellus/Utica pipeline projects are stuck at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Projects that builders are waiting on for a final go-ahead from FERC. What’s the holdup? Leftist Democrat members of FERC insist that unless FERC considers mythical man-made global warming when approving pipeline projects, those projects should not be approved. It almost appears as if Democrat FERC members, including Dick Glick and Cheryl LaFleur are colluding with Big Green groups who have filed a flood of lawsuits insisting on the same thing. The end result is to slow, sometimes stop, progress on approving new projects.
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Trade Unions Picket New York State DEC Office for Rejecting Pipeline

Slowly but surely, more and more union members are beginning to vote Republican. They see their own Democrat Party denying them jobs by rejecting important, big construction projects (pipelines) because of an irrational fear of fossil fuels. This week union members have been picketing a NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) office in Buffalo (exclusive pictures below) to protest the DEC’s rejection of National Fuel Gas Company’s proposed Northern Access Pipeline project.
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Maryland Asks Fed Court to Dismiss Lawsuit Questioning Pipe Rejection

A month ago Columbia Gas Transmission was forced to haul the State of Maryland into court over the state’s refusal to grant an easement to drill a tiny 3.5-mile pipeline under the Potomac River (see Columbia Gas Sues Maryland to Allow Pipeline Under Potomac). Earlier this week Maryland’s anti-fossil fuel Attorney General, Brian Frosh, asked the federal court to dismiss the lawsuit.
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