Atlantic Coast Pipe Reps “Optimistic” Building Resumes Summer ’20

Yesterday MDN reported on Dominion Energy’s third quarter update from last Friday, a session in which CEO Tom Farrell commented the company’s commitment to building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is “unwavering” (see Dominion Energy 3Q – Commitment to Atlantic Coast Pipe “Unwavering”). Last Thursday a pair of ACP representatives gave an update to Upshur County, WV commissioners at one of their scheduled meetings. The reps did a deep dive into the details of what is currently blocking construction, and gave their best guess about when construction (in Upshur and elsewhere) will resume.
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Potential Light at End of Jones Act LNG Tunnel?

For some time we have criticized the 100 year-old Jones Act that prevents LNG carriers built and/or crewed by other counties from transporting LNG from one U.S. port to another U.S. port (see Puerto Rico Imports Russian LNG Thanks to U.S. Jones Act). Among the statements we’ve made is that the Jones Act prevents all such shipments, with the implication there are no U.S. Jones Act shippers. We were recently contacted by an MDN subscriber to gently chide us and set the record straight. There ARE at least two Jones Act shippers, but perhaps not in the way you think.
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Rhode Island Eco-Socialists Threaten State with NatGas Outages

Activists from the Providence Democratic Socialists of America and the George Wiley Center protested Nov. 2 in front of Gov. Gina Raimondo’s house. (Credit: Tim Faulkner/ecoRI News)

Socialism is evil. It’s the same root political philosophy as Communism, leading to a society in which individual freedoms are stripped away–the very freedoms purchased at a high price by our ancestors with their blood and treasure. Want to know what’s at the end of the road for so-called socialism? Take a look at what’s been happening in Hong Kong under Chinese iron-fisted rule. And yet socialism (aka Communism) has spread through the environmental movement like a disease. Like the Black Plague. And now, many of our precious young people are contaminated and threaten to bring our society to its knees. Rhode Island is the perfect example.
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Where Does Most “Associated Gas” Come From?

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A few weeks ago MDN said the Marcellus/Utica produces more than twice as much natural gas as the Permian–33.3 Bcf/d in November for the M-U versus 16 Bcf/d for the Permian (see EIA Oct ’19 Drilling Report: Permian Gas Grows More than M-U). The Permian, an oil play, is a serious competitor to our region when it comes to gas production because when you drill for oil, gas comes out of the borehole too (associated gas). But the Permian is not the only play that potentially competes with the M-U on gas. There are other oil plays producing “associated gas.”
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A Note from Jim About MDN Website Issues

Thank you to MDN subscribers and readers yesterday who had to endure MDN website outages. Believe me, it was frustrating for me too! A quick update on the site moving forward, and what I’ve done to (hopefully) ensure what happened yesterday does not happen again.
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Shale Energy Stories of Interest: Tue, Nov 5, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: PADD 1 distillate shortage threatens winter price spikes; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: Phasing out natural gas yields dubious benefits, but much economic pain; NATIONAL: The Trump administration begins the formal U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement; Disney Cruise Line orders LNG-fueled trio; KBR immune from shale slump during third quarter; Natural gas soars on cold-weather forecasts; The peak oil denier takes a victory lap; The cost of decommissioning wind turbines is huge; INTERNATIONAL: Fracking could start again as firm behind drilling tries to get ban overturned; Energy companies say the oil glut–and shrinking profits–aren’t over yet; Saudi Aramco starts IPO; OPEC sees its market share shrinking for years as shale triumphs.
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