Is NESE Pipeline to NYC Dead? Williams Withdraws Final NJ Permit

In October, MDN reported that Williams had temporarily withdrawn three of four applications with the New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to build its Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline project to offshore Long Island (see Williams Withdraws NESE Pipe Permit in NJ, Resubmit Soon). In September NJDEP gave Williams an extra month with the permits (see Williams Gets Extra Month to Refile NESE Pipeline Permits in NJ). Williams said it would refile the three permits “in the next few days.” Never happened. Now the company has pulled the fourth NJ permit.
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More Changes at Tallgrass Energy Following Founder’s Exit

Matt Sheehy, new President of Tallgrass Energy

Major changes continue at Tallgrass Energy, the owner/operator of the Rockies Express (REX) natgas pipeline that carries Marcellus/Utica gas to Midwest markets including the Chicago area. Last week we told you the founder/CEO of Tallgrass, David G. Dehaemers Jr., abruptly quit (see Tallgrass Energy Founder/CEO/Chairman David Dehaemers Quits). The company’s President and COO, Bill Moler, was elevated to CEO. Today Tallgrass named a new replacement in the role of President.
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Nov. Cold Snap Prompts Switch from NatGas to Coal in NE, Midwest

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An interesting article from our favorite government agency, the U.S. Energy Information Administration, points out the price sensitivity for electric power generators and their willingness to switch, on a dime, from using one form of fossil fuel to another. A cold snap in November prompted more demand for natural gas from homes and businesses to use in heating, which in turn caused a bit of a supply deficit–meaning prices for natgas went up (double and triple in some cases). Lickety-split power generators in the northeast and Midwest who had been using natgas switched to using coal because of the price change.
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NY Post: Andrew Cuomo Stands with America’s Energy Enemies

We know, we know! You’re tired of MDN hammering man-child Andrew Cuomo, the tinpot dictator who styles himself “governor” of New York State, over his role in blocking pipelines and causing a natgas shortage crisis in the greater New York City area. But stick with us. If you read MDN (and Tom Shepstone’s Natural Gas Now website) you will have read all of the arguments in a blow-the-doors off article appearing in the New York Post, written by Bob McManus, former editorial page editor for the Post.
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IGU Report: 2019 was “Exceptional” for Natural Gas

The International Gas Union (IGU) recently released its Global Gas Report 2019 (full copy below). According to the report, “The past year has been exceptional for natural gas. Prices at key regional natural gas hubs have reached multi-year lows. Both natural gas production and consumption have grown at record rates. And international trade infrastructure – in the form of LNG and pipeline capacity – is growing at the fastest rate in a decade.” What else does the report say? Plenty…
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Shale Energy Stories of Interest: Tue, Dec 3, 2019

OTHER U.S. REGIONS: FERC inspects National Grid Rhode Island LNG project; NATIONAL: Senate confirms Dan Brouillette to lead Energy Department; Giant disconnect seen in lower 48 well completions, rig count; This U.S. shale giant is on the brink of collapse; Natural gas is one of few trades that hasn’t worked on Wall Street, down 50% in 12 months; Henry Hub winter natural gas prices hit record low; Is the market ready for 100-Bcf/d U.S. natural gas production?; INTERNATIONAL: Impeachment testimony describes Putin’s propaganda war on American fracking; China, Russia begin operation of ‘historic’ natural gas pipeline.
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