Elba Island Exporting First Marcellus LNG Cargo This Week – Maybe

Photo: MarineTraffic (click for larger version)

On Oct. 1 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted permission to Kinder Morgan to finally begin full export operations for Train #1 at the Elba Island, Georgia LNG (liquefied natural gas) export facility (see FERC OKs Kinder Morgan Elba Island LNG Train #1 to Begin Service). It’s taken over two months, but the very first LNG carrier that will export Marcellus/Utica molecules from the facility is docked and (maybe) loading.
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Southwestern CEO Says Company Slowing M-U Production in 2020

slow warning sign isolated

Bill Way, CEO of Southwestern Energy, said in an interview that his company will grow production next year, but not by much. Southwestern’s 2020 growth will be “in the single digits” versus higher growth this year. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Reviewing Southwestern’s 3Q19 numbers we find the company’s Marcellus/Utica production from January to September 2019 was 11% higher than the same time frame from last year. Southwestern’s 3Q19 (July to September) production was 8% higher than the previous year’s 3Q. So the signs were already there to see–if you were looking.
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NY Corruption: Home Rule OK to Ban Fracking, but Not Ban Windmills

There is a double standard in existence in New York. A CORRUPT double standard. And the corruption comes from Andrew Cuomo. In 2014 judges on NY’s highest court, the Court of Appeals (all them appointed by the governor) voted to uphold a disastrous energy policy that grants town boards of local municipalities the right to ban fracking, should the state ever allow it, in an entire community (see Shale Drilling in NY is Over – High Court Upholds Town Bans). BUT, when a local town baned wind farms in Western NY, Cuomo stepped in and like the tin horn dictator he is, he overruled them (see NY’s Grotesque Energy Double Standard re “Home Rule”). CORRUPT! It’s happening again–this time in MDN’s own back yard.
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S&P Global Platts Releases 2020 Energy Outlook

MDN editor Jim Willis had the pleasure of attending yesterday’s S&P Global Platts “Global Energy Outlook Forum” yesterday in New York City. Each year Platts hosts this event, assembling some of the best thinkers and industry participants from across all energy sectors to discuss what happened during the previous year, and what’s on the way next year and down the road with respect to energy. All kinds of energy.
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Misnamed Young “Conservatives” for Carbon Dividends Wants CO2 Tax

If there is one defining characteristic of a truly conservative Republican, it is that he or she does not like higher taxes. On anything. Conservatives know that higher taxes equal less freedom of individual choice. And higher taxes feed (and perpetuate) the bureaucratic Big Government machine. A lower taxes philosophy is baked into the true conservative’s DNA. Yet a group of brainwashed college students professing to be Republican and conservative (they’re neither) has just launched a group called Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends to lobby for an insane carbon tax.
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Shale Energy Stories of Interest: Thu, Dec 12, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: Nine well permits issued by ODNR; NATIONAL: Continental Resources announces Harold Hamm is stepping up to Executive Chairman; NGI 2020: U.S. drilling ban on E&P radar ahead of 2020 election; Enverus forecasts “significant slowdown” in US gas output growth in 2020; Natural gas boom fizzles as a U.S. glut sinks profits; Chevron’s charge points to billions more in U.S. gas writedowns; The great electric car ‘zero emissions’ boondoggle; INTERNATIONAL: Creating the OPEC of natural gas.
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