WV Approves Loan Guarantee for Brooke County Power Plant

Justice (with a small “j”) has prevailed in West Virginia. We’ve covered the issue of a proposed new shale gas-fired power plant planned for Brooke County, WV for years. We are down to the wire on some of the final bits needed for this project to advance. One of those bits, the last major hurdle, is a loan guarantee for $5.5 million, covering a tiny part of the financing required to build this nearly $1 billion project. Yesterday the WV Economic Development Authority unanimously approved the loan guarantee.
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Williams CEO Says Transco Can Serve Canceled ACP Customers in South

Transco Pipeline – laterals in Va. and N.C.

Many energy-related conferences and events have gone virtual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of them is the Barclays CEO Energy-Power 2020 Conference. Yesterday Williams CEO Alan Armstrong participated in the event virtually–via conference call. Christine Cho from Barclays interviewed Armstrong. She had some great questions and Armstrong had some interesting answers. Among them was Armstrong’s assertion that the Williams Transco pipeline can meet gas demands for customers shafted by Dominion when the company suddenly canceled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) project.
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PA Senate Passes Bill Giving Legislators Say in RGGI Carbon Tax

Yesterday the full Pennsylvania Senate passed House Bill (HB) 2025, a bill already passed by the House previously. The bill now goes to Democrat leftist Gov. Tom Wolf, who says he will veto it. The bill restores democracy to the Commonwealth by giving the legislature–the very people elected to be the voice of PA citizens–a role in deciding whether or not PA should join the so-called Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)–which is nothing more than an obscenely high tax on carbon meant to kill coal and natural gas-fired power plants in the state–a major customer of Marcellus gas.
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Petulant Antis Demand Meeting with NJ Transit re Gas Power Plant

Behaving like the petulant children they are, anti-fossil fuelers in New Jersey are demanding a face-to-face meeting with the board of NJ Transit so they can make a case (i.e. bully the board) against building a small, clean-burning natural gas-fired power plant NJ Transit will be used to power trains in cases of emergency. It’s a backup plant–not even running all the time. Yet antis, so corrupted by their own hatred of “fossil fuels,” are demanding NJ Transit use unreliable solar instead.
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Eagle LNG Fuels Up Swedish Ship at Port of Jacksonsville

Swedish ship Fure Ven

Eagle LNG’s Jacksonville, Florida “bunkering” operation (used to fuel ships that run on LNG) recently celebrated its 100th bunkering, filling up ships owned by Crowley (see Eagle LNG Celebrates 100th LNG Bunkering at Port of Jacksonville). Eagle LNG has something else to celebrate. The company just completed its first foreign-flagged vessel LNG bunkering–filling up a ship from Sweden.
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Shale Energy Stories of Interest: Thu, Sep 10, 2020

OTHER U.S. REGIONS: Three things to know about Charleston, S.C.’s new climate lawsuit; Cheniere resumes normal operations at Sabine Pass LNG; NATIONAL: Energy industry warns of dire consequences if natural gas, oil development banned on public lands; U.S. natural gas prices to average $3.40 in January, says EIA; Fossil fuel-conscious financing decisions add wrinkle to North American LNG market; As renewables falter, environmentalists stand up for nuclear; US will need 280-300 rigs to maintain tight oil output once DUC wells run out; Trump to ban oil, gas drilling off US Florida, Georgia, South Carolina coasts; Baker Hughes to sell SPC flow unit to Pelican Energy Partners; INTERNATIONAL: Carbon-neutral LNG to increase costs of natural gas production, consumption; Did the Russian poison meant for Alexei Navalny kill Nord Stream 2 instead?; PTT reveals ambitious plan to make Thailand an LNG hub.
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