PHMSA Keeps Weymouth, MA Compressor Offline Following Shutdowns

Score a minor victory for the forces of evil. As we reported yesterday, two days ago Enbridge’s Weymouth, Massachusetts compressor station, about to come online, experienced a second emergency shutdown (see 2nd Emergency Shutdown at Weymouth, MA Compressor, Antis Pounce). The plant had to vent what amounted to a puff of natural gas. Yet antis screamed for an intervention. They got it.
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Peregrine Buys Royalty Rights from Bradford County, PA Landowners

Chief Oil & Gas Rig in Bradford County, PA

Peregrine Energy Partners, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, continues a program to buy royalty rights in the Marcellus/Utica region. Yesterday the company announced a deal to buy the rights for 4,755 gross acres in Bradford County, PA for an undisclosed sum. The sellers are private landowners/rights owners (a retired couple) with wells drilled by Chief Oil & Gas.
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2 NY Gas-Fired Plants Fight for Survival, Promise Hydrogen Someday

pinky swear

New York State is sad–and pathetic. Andrew Cuomo, the state’s dictator, along with a compliant Democrat legislature, passed new laws last year that will force the elimination of all fossil fuel energy by 2050. Most New Yorkers don’t yet realize their oil and gas-fired furnaces will be outlawed in the not-to-distant future. They will be forced to use electric heat or heat pumps. It’s totally, completely, insane.
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Evolution Intends to “Push the Limits” on E-Fracking with Digital

Evolution Well Services, headquartered in Houston with a regional office in Pittsburgh, specializes in “electric” fracking–using natural gas from the well pad (instead of diesel fuel) to power turbines to create electricity that drives fracking pumps. Evolution fracks for at least one Marcellus/Utica E&P (see Another Marcellus Driller Converts to Electric Fracking). Evolution announced yesterday a “first of its kind digital partnership” with Arundo Analytics to advance the science of hydraulic fracturing.
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CPV’s PA Marcellus Gas & Ethane-Fired Power Plant Wins Award

Competitive Power Ventures’ (CPV) Fairview Energy Center, a 1,050-megawatt natural gas AND ethane-fueled combined-cycle electric generating plant in Cambria County, PA, went online ahead of schedule back in December (see CPV Marcellus-Fired Electric Plant in Cambria Goes Online Early). The plant is unique in that it can use both methane AND ethane as a power source–the first and only such plant in the world.
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Other Stories of Interest: Fri, Oct 2, 2020

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: Dave Spigelmyer: Natural gas bridges the partisan divide; Nathan Lord named president of Shale Crescent USA organization; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: Cameron LNG facility still offline, Sabine Pass exports resume; NATIONAL: Opportunities in latest oil & gas bankruptcy cycle; Biden transition: No place for lobbyists, fossil fuel execs; INTERNATIONAL: Nord Stream 2 gas ‘fall-back option’ for German energy transition: government official.
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