Anti-Fossil Fuel NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Resigns!

Former NY AG Eric Schneiderman

One of the plagues we’ve had to endure in the Empire State is a totally out-of-control, mad drunk with an abuse of legal power, Attorney General Eric Schniederman. There isn’t a shale pipeline or drilling project in New York that Schneiderman hasn’t harassed. Apparently the oil and gas industry isn’t the only thing he harasses. Following a bombshell story in the ultra liberal The New Yorker magazine that accuses Schneiderman of rough sex and slapping woman around, he abruptly resigned as of today. Schneiderman’s resignation has nothing to do with the Marcellus/Utica, but his departure is cause for celebration in New York. Schneiderman was one of the ring leaders in a cabal attempting to shake down Exxon Mobil and other oil companies for billions of dollars, accusing them of “knowing” that oil causes mythical man-made global warming and is harming the environment. The fossil fuel projects in NY that Schneiderman opposed are legion–too many to count. No one in the industry will shed any tears over his departure now that Schnedierman has now been “exposed” (pun intended), hoist with his own petard. One example from the bombshell story: An ex-girlfriend (originally from Sri Lanka) told the New Yorker that Schneiderman, that paragon of ultra-liberal values, called her his “brown slave” and ordered him to call him “Master.” And if she didn’t? He slapped her, hard, until she did…
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NY AG Schneiderman Takes Russian Oil Money, Attacks US Shale

NY AG Schneiderman

If this doesn’t beat all. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has, for years, been at the center of a conspiracy to shake down Exxon Mobil by claiming the company “knew” that burning its fossil fuels would lead to man-made global warming, and that Exxon actively worked to suppress that knowledge in the public sphere. Earlier this year Schneiderman refused (still refuses) to turn over emails that show he has been colluding with Big Green groups and those who fund them in a conspiracy against Exxon (see NY’s AG Schneiderman Sowing the Seeds of His Own Destruction). It’s now time to remove Schneiderman from office. Evidence has come out that Schneiderman has accepted more than $60,000 from a Ukranian billionaire with ties to Russia’s big oil companies. That is, Scheiderman has taken campaign money (bribes?) from Russian oil–and turned around and attacked American oil and gas. Schneiderman is fully behind New York’s ban on fracking. He’s also in there fighting against natural gas pipelines. Scheiderman has also received a whopping $251,000 from liberal billionaire Communist George Soros (and the Soros family). Soros is another Exxon enemy. So how does that work Mr. Schneiderman? You take money from Russian Big Oil and Communists, only to turn around and attack America’s shale industry? Really? It’s corrupt, and Schneiderman needs to go, NOW…
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NY’s AG Schneiderman Sowing the Seeds of His Own Destruction

New York’s corrupt Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is getting desperate. We want to go on record as one of the first to say he’s sowing the seeds of his own destruction. Schneiderman is a train wreck waiting (and about) to happen. We refer, of course, to Schneiderman’s eerie similarity to Captain Ahab in Moby Dick in attempting to hunt down ExxonMobil, Schneiderman’s great white whale. Recently Schneiderman, in cooperation with a sycophantic mainstream media, released information that former CEO Rex Tillerson (now Secretary of State) had a second email account. But unlike Hillary Clinton, Tillerson’s second account was not on a private server and was not used (as Schneiderman alleges) to secretly discuss how Tillerson “knew” burning oil and other fossil fuels causes mythical man-made global warming. Schneiderman’s action in running to the press to “reveal” a “secret” email account is a faint–a way to misdirect people from the real story, which is that Schneiderman continues to refuse to disclose his own emails that prove this whole Exxon witch hunt began when Schneiderman colluded and closely coordinated with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund, and billionaire green activist Tom Steyer. A log of emails shows coordination just prior to the launch of the #ExxonKnew campaign for which Schneiderman is the point man. He’s desperate to avoid releasing his own emails–emails that will implicate him…
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Exxon Asks Judge to Dismiss NY AG Schneiderman’s “Flimsy” Subpoena

Eric Schneiderman

Yesterday MDN brought you the news that a federal judge had voiced the suspicion that Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has acted in “bad faith” with respect to her so-called investigation of Exxon Mobil over Exxon’s refusal to endorse her claims of man-made global warming (see Federal Judge Says MA AG Acted in “Bad Faith” re Exxon Witch Hunt). Healey along with her co-conspirator, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, are attempting to violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by denying Exxon and its employees the right of free speech–to disagree with a government or government official. Exxon is now on a roll. After getting the judge to force Healey to turn over email and phone records she’s desperately trying to keep secret, Exxon has asked the judge to quash Schneiderman’s “flimsy” subpoena that he’s been using to try and find something–anything–that he can use to indict Exxon. Schneiderman is trying to run a scam–a way to shake down Exxon for millions (or billions) that will go into state coffers. It’s sick. Let’s hope the judge does the right thing. If he does, Schneiderman will be totally and completely humiliated (and perhaps subject to charges himself)…
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Full Page NYT Ad Calls NY AG Schneiderman, Others “Un-American”

abuse-of-power-ceiIn March MDN brought you news of an environmental Nazi confab in New York City, headlined by New York Attorney Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Al Gore (see Climate Change Hucksters, Incl. NY AG & Al Gore, Threaten O&G). The aim of the meeting was to overtly threaten any company or individual who disagrees with their perverted views on man-made global warming. Schneiderman and other far-left, liberal Democrat attorneys general will “investigate” (i.e. bully) businesses, organizations and individuals who dare to disagree with them. It’s breathtaking in its abuse of power. If ExxonMobil disagrees with Schneiderman’s views on global warming and says so–watch out! Here comes a lawsuit to shut them up and shut them down (see Rise of the New (Environmental) Nazis – Free Speech Under Attack). The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) recognizes the dangerous threat to our freedoms posed by Schneiderman and other out-of-control AGs with their abuses of power. On Tuesday the CEI published a full page ad in the New York Times (VERY expensive) calling out Scheiderman and others–exposing their duplicity and bullying and attempts at censoring free speech. The ad, signed by 43 organizations, legal experts, and individuals who value the First Amendment of the Constitution, calls Scheiderman and those aligned with him “un-American.” We couldn’t agree more…
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NY AG Schneiderman Launches the Climate Witch Trials

Once a witch-hunter catches the scent of a suspected witch–better watch out! It struck us as we read about the drummed up false charges New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is alleging against ExxonMobil–charges that the company has knowingly made false statements about their own complicity and contribution to mythical climate change–just how doomed we really are to repeat history. Schneiderman’s actions reminded us of something, and then we found it: “Rebecca Nurse, a sick and elderly woman of seventy-years old, stood for examination before the court on charges of practicing witchcraft on March 24, 1692. Judge John Hathorne, assisted by Judge Jonathan Corwin, conducted the examination in the meeting house of Salem Village before a crowd of people from Salem Village. The examination of “Goody Nurse” developed into a spectacle worthy of the attendance of so many onlookers, as a number of afflicted women launched into “grevious fitts” and openly denounced Rebecca Nurse as the cause of their torment. In the end, after one of the great confrontations between an accused and the infamous Judge Hathorne, the Judges found cause to bind Rebecca Nurse over for trial after which she was executed on Gallows Hill on July 19, 1692.” (University of Virginia). We’re facing the Salem Witch Trials all over again–some 323 years later. Apparently we didn’t learn anything the first time around. MDN calls Schneiderman’s current campaign the Climate Witch Trials–the prosecution and persecution of innocent companies based on a false belief that mankind causes global warming by burning fossil fuels. Now we learn Schneiderman may be gunning for more than just ExxonMobil…
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More on NY AG Schneiderman’s Bullying of Anadarko & EOG Resources

If a mafia boss walks into a business owner’s store and “informs” that owner that the owner will start doing things the good fellas way (pay money, say 10% of all revenue) in return for “protection” from the “bad guys” that otherwise may make a visit to that place of business, it’s called a shake down. If we substitute “New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman” for mafia boss and “oil/gas company” for business owner, you’d have what’s just happened in New York State–and it’s called “good government.” Schneiderman isn’t personally getting rich from the deal he’s just forced down the throats of two major o&g companies (we don’t think, anyway). But make no mistake–the businesses Schneiderman targets would lose massive amounts of money in lower stock valuations if they don’t agree to Schneiderman’s “offer.” Schneiderman held the gun of his office to the collective heads of Anadarko Petroleum and EOG Resouces over the issue of fracking (something not even happening in NY), and they agreed to dance and sing his tune. They’ve just been shaken down. Here are the details…
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NY AG Schneiderman Shakes Down Anadarko & EOG Resources

The ShakedownNew York State’s out-of-control Attorney General, Eric “the anti-driller” Schneiderman, continues his out-of-control ways vis a vis shale drilling. It makes no difference that there is no shale drilling in New York State. Schneiderman continues to go after shale drilling in other states–abusing his office’s power to investigate the world of Wall Street. In what appears to us to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors, AG Schneiderman’s office on Friday announced he has reached an “agreement” with both Anadarko Petroleum and EOG Resources to disclose more information on the financial effects of regulation, litigation, and environmental impacts related to hydraulic fracturing. That is, Anadarko and EOG have volunteered to provide information about fracking that may cause their respective companies’ stock to take a hit. In other words, they’ve agreed to provide information to the public that they already provide to the public…
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NY AG Schneiderman Files to Dismiss JLCNY Lawsuit Against Cuomo

In early March MDN told you the sad news that New York’s own Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is actively working against the residents of the state of New York by filing to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Norse Energy that would force Gov. Andrew Cuomo, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens and State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah to do their jobs and release new drilling regulations (see NY Attorney General Files to Dismiss Norse Lawsuit, More Delays). The 70,000-member Joint Landowners Coalition of New York also filed an “Article 78” lawsuit, similar to the Norse lawsuit.

NGI’s Shale Daily is reporting that AG Schneiderman’s office has now filed a motion to dismiss this second lawsuit–fantastically claiming the JLCNY, which represents more than 70,000 New York landowners who want to see drilling commence, has “no standing.” Talk about chutzpah. Here’s the latest on the dysfunctional mess that is called New York State:
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NY AG Schneiderman Threatens New DRBC Lawsuit over Fracking

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman tried to sue the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to force them to delay issuing drilling rules unless/until a comprehensive federal study of fracking was performed first. His frivolous lawsuit was tossed by a federal judge (see this MDN story).

Having his work repudiated by a federal judge apparently won’t stop Schneiderman from filing yet another frivolous lawsuit when and if the DRBC votes to approve Marcellus shale drilling rules. He’s keeping the threat alive:

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NY Attorney General Schneiderman Subpoenas Shale Drillers

New York’s anti-drilling Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman, continues to target the shale gas industry. On May 31, he filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to force the federal government to conduct a full environmental review of hydraulic fracturing before the Delaware River Basin Commission be allowed to permit drilling in its jurisdiction (see MDN’s story here). The federal government has since asked the judge in the case to toss out the lawsuit.

Now, based on a questionable article that appeared in the New York Times, written by anti-drilling author Ian Urbina (who used an intern as one of his main sources for the article), Schneiderman is using (misusing?) the considerable power of his office to target energy companies involved with shale gas drilling by sending them subpoenas for documents to “prove” their statements on shale gas reserves are accurate. The Times article claimed energy companies knowingly overstate the production of gas wells, understate how much it costs to get the gas, and intentionally inflate numbers for how much natural gas exists in shale formations.

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Shale Energy Stories of Interest: Thu, Feb 13, 2020

NATIONAL: House Republicans propose carbon capture and sequestration legislation; Trump sends Danly’s FERC nomination to Senate for second time; Pressure rises on the oil and gas industry to address gas flaring; How the left occupies Attorneys General offices: a case study in capture; Stop playing games with America’s energy future; Enverus and RS Energy Group combine forces; INTERNATIONAL: BP lays out long-term ambition to achieve net-zero emissions; Despite phase-out pledge, EU will continue to fund gas projects.
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Shale Energy Stories of Interest: Tue, Dec 17, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: Rockefeller director disappointed that the Rockefeller-funded Exxon investigation failed; Chevron starts divesting from region, selling this key site; Exxon’s big court win exposes major malpractice in the New York Attorney General’s Office; NATIONAL: Global warming facts, fear, foolishness and frauds; Bloomberg would shut down coal, gas plants if elected president; INTERNATIONAL: Foreign-funded attacks on Canada’s energy industry; China goes all-in on coal while telling the rest of the world to reduce emissions; Lawsuit: Apple, Google, Tesla profit from African child labor.
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Energy Stories of Interest: Mon, Jul 15, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: It’s not too late for New York to start fracking; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: Total kicks up investment in Tellurian’s Driftwood LNG; TS Barry puts 70% of US LNG capacity at risk; Are e-fracs a fix for Permian gas constraints and giveaway prices?; NATIONAL: How Mike Bloomberg pays to prosecute the Trump EPA; Republicans struggle to unite on climate message; Where U.S. exports of butanes and natural gasoline end up; INTERNATIONAL: Pieridae agrees Goldboro LNG deal extension with Uniper; IEA – Huge oil glut coming in 2020; Cuadrilla to restart fracking at British site; 9 things to know about the booming global liquefied natural gas market.
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Energy Stories of Interest: Mon, Jun 17, 2019

PA State Rep. Martin Causer

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: Rep. Causer introduces bill to separate conventional oil & gas regulations from shale; Judge in Exxon case to NY AG: stop stalling; Anti-Energy activists are trying to make Pennsylvania the next California; No need to tarnish the gas impact fee with severance tax; Unique partnership pairs Tunkhannock students with trout; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: ENGIE enters Massachusetts natural gas markets; Colo.’s new oil and gas law shifts rulemaking landscape; NATIONAL: Chesapeake Energy is losing its battle to stay afloat; A history of shale pessimism: “Always with you it cannot be done”; Will the red ink ever wash out of the U.S. shale gas industry?; Trump’s tariffs disrupt USMCA and the U.S. oil & gas boom; INTERNATIONAL: Canada natural gas said economic, possible avenue for shortages in U.S. Northeast; President of Poland visits Cheniere’s Sabine Pass LNG terminal in Cameron.
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Energy Stories of Interest: Thu, Jun 13, 2019

Sitting FERC Commissioners

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: ODNR approves 11 permits in Utica shale; Gov. Justice blasts anti-fossil fuel campaign; Exxon stripped of most defenses in NY AG’s climate case; State AGs’ climate cover-up; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: North Dakota makes small bet on natural gas infrastructure company; Low natural gas prices drive up generation share in US Midwest; NATIONAL: U.S. Senators call for equal tax treatment of LNG fuel; From goats to glory: The monster oil discovery nobody is talking about; FERC Dems make climate change case in house hearing; INTERNATIONAL: U.S. ‘freedom gas’ aims to loosen Russia’s grip on Europe’s market.
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