Geriatric Duo Howarth & Ingraffea Want NY to Stop Using NatGas

It’s really kind of sad. Two washed-up, thoroughly discredited (indeed humiliated) Cornell professors who are on the payroll of Big Green organizations like the Park Foundation, Robert Howarth and Anthony Ingraffea, are still appearing in public to proclaim their junk science “study” from 2011 that says natural gas is worse for Mom Earth than burning coal (see New Cornell University Study Says Shale Gas Extraction Worse for Global Warming Than Coal). The geriatric duo appeared in Albany, NY yesterday, on the second anniversary of Andrew Cuomo’s tragic decision to block shale drilling in New York, to proclaim we need to “wean” ourselves off natural gas. Their research has been panned by multiple sources, including by Cornell itself (see New Cornell Study Says Coal is Not Cleaner than Natural Gas). Like we said, sad. And embarrassing for Cornell to have its name associated with this pair who continue to make money by trading on their association with the once-great university…
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Dimock Trial: Ingraffea Day 2 – Hides Behind a Woman’s Coat

Yesterday we brought you first-hand reporting on Day 1 of testimony from so-called expert witness Dr. Anthony (Tony the Tiger) Ingraffea at the Dimock water trial (see Dimock Trial: Cornell Prof Tony Ingraffea Exposed as Fractivist). Both MDN friend Tom Shepstone and FrackNation filmmaker Phelim McAleer are attending the trial and filing superb reports. It’s a good thing they are there. The Democrat-controlled Scranton Times-Tribune–the “newspaper of record” in the very place where the trial is being held–has stopped reporting on the trial, because the news is just so bad for anti-drillers. It’s a total news blackout by mainstream media. But there is a TON of news coming from this trial, and none of it so interesting as the total destruction of Ingraffea under cross examination. He’s not only been exposed as a fractivist, he’s been exposed as knowing nothing about the Dimock water well case! The very case he’s supposed to know about–the very reason he is testifying as an “expert.” Below is a summary of day two of Ingraffea’s testimony, in which he admits to a huge list of things he doesn’t know. Also below, Phelim got his camera out and tried to interview Ingraffea outside the courthouse and Ingraffea, sounding like a baby muttering “He’s harassing me,” hid behind a woman’s coat and wouldn’t answer Phelim’s questions. It’s hysterical! You have to watch the video (below)…
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Dimock Trial: Cornell Prof Tony Ingraffea Exposed as Fractivist

MDN has written, forever, about fractivist professor from Cornell University Tony Ingraffea. We still recall the first time we heard “Tony the Tiger” in person nearly six years ago (see Cornell Hydraulic Fracturing Expert Headlines First Meeting of New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD) in Vestal, NY). We said this at the time: Dr. Ingraffea is an accomplished speaker. He is equal parts comedian and expert, and he knows how to “work a crowd.” Indeed. He has since retired from Cornell but has created a cottage industry for himself in bashing natural gas and shale energy. The dunderheaded lawyer representing the two families suing Cabot Oil & Gas for contaminating their water in Dimock, PA called Tony the Tiger to the witness stand, as an “expert witness.” At first he wowed the crowd and the jury. We told you, he’s a good speaker. He also claimed, under oath, he’s not a protester or fractivist (an outright lie–perjury in our opinion). Cabot’s lawyers proceeded to shred his credibility under cross examination. Turns out Tony has never been involved with drilling or fracking a single well. Ever. The only thing he does is sit his rear-end in front of a computer and make pretty pie charts and “analyze” data. Oh, and he attends anti-fracking rallies too–as he admitted under oath to the Cabot lawyer. So much for the “expert” witness who claims he’s just a scientist and not a radical anti-driller…
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Yet Another “Natgas Worse than Coal” Study from Tony Ingraffea

Our old friend Tony “shut all fracking down” Ingraffea, who happens to (still) hold a job teaching at Cornell University, is back with yet another “research study” that (surprise!) bashes fracking. Or more properly shale drilling. This time around Tony, who has a lucrative side job by gallivanting from anti-drilling meeting to anti-drilling meeting to spread the word that fracking is evil (see Cornell Hydraulic Fracturing Expert Headlines First Meeting of New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD) in Vestal, NY), says shale wells have a higher rate of failure in the cement casings in Pennsylvania and he can prove it. How?…
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Devastating Critique of New Ingraffea/Howarth Methane Study by EID

Yesterday MDN highlighted a new “study” that purports to say methane is leakin’ out all over the place when shale wells are drilled (see Another Day, Another Sham Study on Marcellus Methane Leaks). MDN was not the only pro-drilling publication to notice the release of the study–and to question it’s sham “research.” The always excellent Energy in Depth took a close look and wrote a devastating article that rips the veneer off this latest anti-drilling effort to cast doubt on natural gas drilling in our country.

Have a look at EID’s “Five Facts about Ingraffea and Howarth’s Latest Methane Study”…
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National Park Service Tosses Ingraffea Anti-Frack Comments Out

Someone who used to work at the National Park Service (NPS) is probably in the unemployment line this week because he or she made the boss look bad. Last week the NPS had to retract negative comments inserted by an unnamed (and hopefully unemployed) NPS staffer about shale drilling in the official NPS position on fracking forwarded to the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM is formulating their own rules to regulate fracking on federal lands and wanted (intelligent) input from other agencies.

As part of the official comments/views on fracking from NPS, some idiot unnamed staffer at NPS actually quoted the goofy Cornell professor Tony Ingraffea and his wild ideas (published in the compliant New York Times) about fracking being “a gangplank to more global warming.” Whatever Tony. NPS now says they don’t agree with those crackpot comments…
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Cornell Prof Tony Ingraffea Learns a New Skill: Cut & Paste

Cornell professor Anthony (Tony) Ingraffea is very talented. Ingraffea is not only an erstwhile stand-up comic (see Cornell Hydraulic Fracturing Expert Headlines First Meeting of New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD) in Vestal, NY) and fictional report writer (see Howarth, Ingraffea Shale Gas Study on Global Warming Discredited by U.S. Department of Energy), he’s now added another new skill to his towering intellectual quiver. Tony has learned how to cut & paste in Microsoft Word! Yes, it’s a real resume enhancer.

Our entertaining Cornell prof thought he would get away with cutting and pasting his own previously published “exclusive” editorial for the New York Times by sending it off to flyover country where he didn’t think the hicks would notice. Tony sent essentially the same column to Wyoming previously published in the NYT. However, the hicks noticed…
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Ingraffea to Defend the Indefensible: His Own Flawed “Research”

Prof. Tony Ingraffea of Cornell University continues to embarrass his employer. A new study by the University of Texas and the Environmental Research Council was released last week that (gasp!) used actual science–you know, out in the field measurements–instead of fanciful theories like Tony uses (see New Study Final Nail in Coffin of Inflated Fugitive Methane Claims). The real science in this new study completely, utterly refutes the guesswork of Ingraffea and his cohort in less-than-rigorous research, Robert Howarth.

So what does Tony do? He heads back on the lecture circuit with his best-ever dog and pony to try and convince people his guesses really are better than actual scientific measurements. He may also try to sell you a bridge while he’s at it…
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Washington DC: Ingraffea Discloses Real Reason He’s Anti-Fracking

Sensing “the end is near” in New York, the anti-drilling movement dispatched one of their big guns, Cornell professor Tony Ingraffea, to Washington, D.C. yesterday to stir the scare-you-to-death pot with New York’s congressional delegation.

The end is near for anti-drillers if Gov. Andrew Cuomo moves forward with his unannounced/announced plan to allow limited hydraulic fracturing in five (the “Lucky Five”) counties in New York State, and then only in towns that really really want it. Anti-drillers are hyperventilating over that possibility—so it’s necessary to try and influence Congress to either pressure Cuomo or override him.

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Howarth, Ingraffea Shale Gas Study on Global Warming Discredited by U.S. Department of Energy

A little more than a month ago, Robert Howarth, a Cornell University professor of ecology and environmental biology, along with two other Cornell professors, Renee Santoro and Tony Ingraffea, published a peer-reviewed study in the journal Climate Change titled, “Methane and the greenhouse-gas footprint of natural gas from shale formations.” The study evaluates natural gas from shale compared with other energy sources with respect to how much “greenhouse gases” are created during the extraction process. The study makes the claim that shale gas extraction is actually worse for the environment than burning coal because of greenhouse gases.

The initial media reaction was a breathless Paul Revere-style recitation of the slug “shale gas worse for global warming than coal.” Howarth’s paper has now been roundly refuted by none other than the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory. Howarth, Santoro and Ingraffea’s conclusions are based on assumptions rather than hard data, and those assumptions were wrong.

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Hydraulic Fracturing Debate at SUNY Cortland, Ingraffea vs Siegel

Yesterday, a debate on horizontal hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), the process used to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, was held on the campus of the State University of New York at Cortland. “Debating the Pros and Cons of Gas Drilling” featured Professor Anthony R. Ingraffea from Cornell University on the anti-drilling side, and Professor Donald Siegel from Syracuse University on the pro-drilling side. Unfortunately MDN could not be in attendance. Since those opposed to drilling focus almost exclusively on the issue of fracking, one would expect this event to be heavily covered by the media. But checking news sources in the Binghamton, Cortland, Syracuse and Ithaca areas finds only a single report from all of the news outlets, from Binghamton’s WBNG-TV Channel 12 (embedded below).

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Energy Stories of Interest: Fri, Jan 25, 2019

MARCELLUS/UTICA REGION: House Democrat Policy Committee hears testimony on oil & gas industry methane leakage; OTHER U.S. REGIONS: Colorado property owners claim forced pooling law unconstitutional; NATIONAL: What the Covington story tells us about fractivists; FBI bomb technician says shutdown prevented meeting on pipeline safety; Peak oil theory’s no good terrible very bad week; Shale stumbles: now OPEC can decide what price they want; Shale pioneer Hamm: output growth could fall by 50%; INTERNATIONAL: Electric cars are ALWAYS greener than petrol and diesel vehicles.
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Trout Unlimited Takes a Stab at Blocking Pipelines Using Maps

You can just imagine it. Maya van Rossum (THE Delaware Riverkeeper), Tony Ingraffea (former Cornell prof and member of Trout Unlimited), Sandra Steingraber (paid by Ithaca College to be a climate protester) and other far-out lefties sitting in a room hatching yet another plan to block new pipeline projects, all in a bid to stop the use of all fossil fuels. “I know I know!” says one of them. “Let’s create a map of ‘high value streams and rivers’ and ‘areas of ecological sensitivity’ and then dare those filthy, nasty pipeline companies to build a pipeline across any of them. We’ll draw the map so every area is at ‘risk’–except for a few ditches in the middle of nowhere. That’ll do it!” And, voila, Trout Unlimited (TU), colluding with other Big Green groups, has just released a magical map to, you know, be “helpful” to pipeline companies, so they know where they can’t stick a nasty pipeline (i.e. anywhere). That’s what TU has just released.
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NY Antis Gear Up to Oppose Zero-Emission Compressor Stn

As we reported in March, Empire Pipeline, the midstream (pipeline) subsidiary of National Fuel Gas Company, filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to build two new compressor stations along the Empire Pipeline–one in Tioga County, PA, the other in Ontario County, NY (see Empire Pipe Plans 2 Compressors in PA & NY to Move Marcellus Gas). Without building any new pipeline, the addition of these two compressor stations will allow an extra 205,000 dekatherms per day (205 million cubic feet/day) of PA Marcellus gas to flow through the Empire Pipeline system. The project, called Empire North Project, will provide much-needed natural gas for Upstate NY and Canada. It will also connect to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, so who knows? Maybe some Marcellus molecules will find their way into New England too. Anti-fossil fuelers in NY are ramping up to oppose the project. Nothing new about that, unfortunately. The thing is, the proposed compressor station in Ontario County will have zero (yes, zero) emissions. It will use electricity instead of diesel or natural gas or other fuels–so there’s no smoke stack and absolutely nothing going into the atmosphere. Completely benign. And yet, because the compressor station will flow more “fracked gas” from PA flow through the pipeline, irrational nutjobs are opposing it. Talk about stupid. These people will protest and oppose an emissions-less compressor station that helps flow more natural gas, but they won’t actually give up their own natural gas! They won’t stop grilling with natural gas. They won’t stop heating and cooking with natural gas. They won’t stop cooling with natural gas. They won’t stop buying clothes and shoes made, in part, from natural gas (plastics). No. Everyone else has to do those things–not these ignorant, wine-tasting snobs from the Finger Lakes who want to block this emissions-less compressor station…
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Penn Twp Antis Try to Use PA ERA to Block Shale Drilling

Last November we updated you on a lawsuit filed by a group of radical anti-fossil fuelers in Penn Township (Westmoreland County), PA (see Penn Twp Ninny Nannies File Lawsuit to Block Apex, H&H Wells). A group calling themselves Protect PT, backed with money and legal help from Big Green group PennFuture, filed a lawsuit to try and stop Apex Energy and Huntley & Huntley (H&H) from drilling wells in the township. The lawsuit finally made it to a county judge who is hearing testimony this week. One of the “expert witnesses” called by Protect PT is retired and discredited Cornell professor Tony Ingraffea, who makes a living by traveling around the country bashing fracking (see our Ingraffea stories here). The peril with this particular lawsuit is that it uses Pennsylvania’s so-called Environmental Rights Amendment (ERA), which liberal PA judges have, in recent years, breathed new life into. The argument is that fracking denies those who live near this temporary activity their “right” to enjoy Mom Nature, therefore it should be banished forever. That’s what Protect PT is attempting to pull off–a total frack ban in the Penn Township…
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Marcellus Methane Emissions Study has Fatal Errors; Retracted

Last year a peer reviewed study published by researchers from the University of Maryland in the American Geological Union’s (AGU) Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres claimed methane was leaking from the Marcellus Shale at a rate of 3.9% based on three flight measurements in September and August 2015. That’s a lot. Using that rate of 3.9%, the authors boldly concluded that shale gas development is a “climate detriment.” They actually said, “the use of natural gas rather than coal for combustion will result in a relatively greater climate impact over the next few decades.” Yeah, burning natgas is worse than burning coal for the environment. Just one teeny, tiny problem. The research is wrong. In a huge “oops we screwed up”–the study has now been retracted. Why? Due to an “error in wind measurements” that led to wildly wrong emissions estimates. And will you read about that in mainstream news–the same news that carried the original “shale gas is worse for the environmental than coal” stories? Nope. Crickets. Silence. Here’s the news from our friends at Energy in Depth about the yet another so-called research study exposed as fraudulent…
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