4-County Gas/Oil Leasing Group

Area covered: Cattaraugus/Allegany Counties in NY; McKean/Potter Counties in PA
Membership in NY: Cattaragus County – 70,000 acres, Allegany County – 41,000 acres (111,000 acres total)
Membership in PA: McKean County – 78,000 acres, Potter County – 41,000 acres (119,000 acres total)
Contact: Janice L. Hancharick, 919-876-2917, [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Are the people in these counties opposed to fracking in their towns? Have their been any changes to the quality of their water or other complaints?

  • Anonymous

    people in Crawford county need to know if anyone dealing with Mid-alantic gas wether good or bad. Did they pay the land owners?  What changes were made to htere leases? Anyone have a better company they are dealing with to date?

  • ?
    Just so you are aware of it.. 3 times within the last 4 yrs your Congressmen voted 3 times to defeat the natural gas act.Google it..That bill would have sent Pa.flying economically and you…. Instead we get a glut so you sell cheap…..Those Congressman were all Republican… I’m not here to be political…I’m here to make money on what I got under my land… Thought that information might help you in getting money for your land…

  • Terry

    Who is the Attorney that works a lot with land leases? I heard one on the radio a lot on Sunday’s but don’t remember his name. Can anyone help me with that?